Multigrain crackers trends - consumption analysis and statistics 2024 report

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Trend overview

  • Social conversations about Multigrain Crackers have increased by 66.66% over the past year
  • 0.16% restaurants offer Multigrain Crackers on their menus
  • The fastest rising consumer need for Multigrain Crackers is Snack
  • The dominating diet for Multigrain Crackers is Vegan

Trend performance of multigrain crackers

Trend analysis over time and across social, menus and recipes

Trend data

Created with Highcharts 9.3.3DateValuesDec22Jan23Feb23Mar23Apr23May23Jun23Jul23Aug23Sep23Oct23Nov23Dec23Jan24Feb240%0.0001%0.0002%0.0003%0.0004%0.0005%0.0006%0.0007%
Trendlinesocial-trendShare of discussion


The dietary references with multigrain crackers over time
Created with Highcharts 9.3.3VeganHigh ProteinPlant BasedVegetarianDec22Jan23Feb23Mar23Apr23May23Jun23Jul23Aug23Sep23Oct23Nov23Dec23Jan24Feb24051015202530

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Frequently asked questions about

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Is Multigrain crackers trending?

Multigrain crackers is trending, with an increase of 66.66% in social discussions in the last year

Is Multigrain crackers trending in restaurants?

Multigrain crackers has increased in social conversations by 66.66 in the restaurant space and has a menu penetration of 0.16%

How many restaurants offer Multigrain crackers on their menus?

There are 1714 restaurants currently offering Multigrain crackers on their menu

What is the most popular recipe for Multigrain crackers in 2024?

'Savory Flax Seed Multigrain Crackers' is the most popular recipe for April 2024

What are the top trending ingredients & flavor pairings for Multigrain crackers?

Beer, Salad, Fish, Garlic, Cereal are the most trending flavors pairings for Multigrain crackers

Top Multigrain crackers dishes in restaurants?

Most popular dishes in restaurant social discussions Rice crackers, Roasted vegetables, Sandwich, Rice cracker, Boiled egg

What is the most trending diet for Multigrain crackers?

Vegan is the most trending diet for Multigrain crackers

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