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  • Get a high-level view of the latest food and beverage trends
  • Enjoy access to Content Agency for blog and recipe content
  • Conduct 1 free, tailor made industry survey with Survey Agency
  • Use TasteGPT, the most advanced F&B AI model for instant insights
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Identify new opportunities, create targeted content for your campaigns and inform your innovation with generative AI

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Get unlimited access to the free plan features plus:

  • Discover the latest and emerging food and beverage trends
  • Create unlimited AI-generated culinary content for your campaigns
  • Conduct tailor made consumer surveys with expert results in days
  • Get instant insights, product suggestions and trend data with TasteGPT
  • Leverage GenAI for creative and unique dishes and ingredient pairings
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Effortlessly deep dive into consumer market research for the ultimate competitive edge in food and beverage executions

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Get all the standard plan features plus:

  • Discover instantly actionable realtime consumer market intelligence
  • Gain a winning edge with foodservice sales strategies that set you apart
  • Perform brand, pricing and product comparisons to gain the edge
  • Seize untapped market opportunities with highly targeted concepts
  • Use the full power of TasteGPT, the most advanced F&B AI model
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Free Standard Pro Enterprise
Trend & Category Dashboards Limited spotlight dashboard
Content Agency Free for 14 days
Survey Agency 1 free survey
TasteGPT Free for 14 days Get exclusive features for your organization
Consumer Market Intelligence
Foodservice Marketing & Sales Add-on
Global Market Access
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“Our team is using Tastewise to identify beverage and cooking trends, and bring them to life in product and recipe innovation.”

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“My team’s job is to be the voice of the customer. It’s to exceed their expectations, meet their unmet needs, predict their future needs. I can’t do that without Tastewise”.

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The Tastewise effect in numbers

Proven return on your investment from concept to product


Faster Innovation

Leave outdated methods in the dust with real-time, actionable food intelligence.


Increased Time to Insights

Innovate with confidence and outsmart the competition with artificial intelligence.


Work Productivity

Effortlessly share new insights across teams to increase efficiency and impact.


More Projects

Grow your project pipeline seamlessly, maximise output and boost revenue.


Return on Investment

Skyrocket category sales and build brand loyalty with targeted products and content.


Fewer Iterations

Cut post-launch iterations, save time, resources and budget smarter.

ROI Calculator

Use the Tastewise savings calculator to compare your current annual
marketing spend versus your potential savings with Tastewise.

Data-driven decisions are the future. See exactly how AI-powered insights can boost your profits.
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Annual saving on reporting, surveys, ideation and content creation.
Tastewise Proposal:
Research, Reports & Ideation
Content Cost per report Total per annum Total required (with Tastewise) Current annual reporting spend Annual 80% saving (with Tastewise)
Surveys 0 $0 $0
Reports 0 $0 $0
Research and concept creation 0 $0 $0
$0 $0
Marketing Content Creation
Content Cost per item Total per annum Total required (with Tastewise) Current annnual content spend Annual 80% saving (with Tastewise)
Recipe creation 0 $0 $0
AI image generation/photography 0 $0 $0
Blog creation 0 $0 $0
$0 $0
Total annual saving: $0

Save over 0% of your annual content and research spend

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