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Smart ingredient sourcing

  • Global View: Pinpoints sustainable sourcing opportunities globally.
  • NPD: Streamlines development of sustainable ingredient solutions.
  • Packaging Claims: Enhances product integrity through effective sustainable sourcing claims.
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Food waste reduction

  • Macro Vision: Massively reduce waste with AI-driven forecasts.
  • Custom Dashboards: Accurately target initiatives to limit waste.
  • Content Agency: Scale consumer education for effective waste reduction messaging.
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Streamlined supply chains

  • Consumption Moments: Tailors insights for informed supply chain decisions.
  • Trend Spotlight: Customizes trend analysis for sustainable sourcing strategies.
  • API: Integrates data for seamless supply chain transparency.
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Sharp insights for green products

  • Macro Vision: Massively reduce waste with AI-driven forecasts.
  • Custom Dashboards: Accurately target initiatives to limit waste.
  • Content Agency: Scale consumer education for effective waste reduction messaging.
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Top sustainability food ethics trends based on Tastewise Food Intelligence™


Social Share: 9.49%

YoY Growth: -7.038%

How it helps:

  • Fewer synthetic fertilizers
  • Reduced soil erosion

Food Waste

Social Share: 7.73%

YoY Growth: -8.739%

How it helps:

  • Reduce resource use
  • Less food insecurity

Local Produce

Social Share: 7.29%

YoY Growth: -0.591%

How it helps:

  • Lower transportation emissions
  • Greater crop diversity


Social Share: 7.19% 

YoY Growth: 4.2%

How it helps:

  • Fewer synthetic inputs
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Social Share: 4.98%

YoY Growth: -10.814%

How it helps:

  • Less waste to landfill
  • Conserves resources
Growth and social share data is based on Tastewise data

Tastewise: Driving sustainability in the food & beverage industry

Artificial intelligence holds the key to transforming the food industry, promoting sustainable practices from initial product design to final packaging. AI-powered insights enable CPGs to make better decisions for resource optimization, waste reduction, and eco-conscious choices throughout the entire process.

The cost of oversight

The food and beverage industry is valued at:
$10 trillion
Incurred in health issues:
$9 trillion
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$10 trillion

A sustainable future with Tastewise

Create healthier products
Promote eco-conscious decisions
Intelligent waste reduction
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Source sustainable ingredients
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What do we need to change?

  1. waste 1

    Food waste

    What can we do?
    • USA wastes 60M tons of food annually – that’s 40% of the US food market.
    • Food is the top component in US landfills (22% of solid waste).
    • Food waste in America valued at $218B.
    • Unsold products expiring in storage drive food waste.

    What can we do?

    • Product life cycle analysis
    • Adapt to consumer desire for sustainability
    • Partner with tech companies
    • Local sourcing and farming innovation

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  2. Frame 34536

    Supply chain issues

    What can we do?

    An unsustainable supply chain raises costs, depletes resources, damages reputation, and reduces profitability for F&B companies.

    What can we do?

    • Optimize production schedules for reduced waste.
    • Predict demand fluctuations to minimize overproduction.
    • Enhance inventory management for fresher products and reduced spoilage.

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  3. online-shop 1

    Consumer behavior

    What can we do?
    • Consumer demand drives unsustainable food practices
    • This causes overconsumption, waste, and unhealthy diets
    • Consumers need to be educated on sustainable consumption

    What can we do?

    • Personalized nutrition suggestions based on preferences and needs.
    • Ingredient substitutions for sustainability and health.
    • Predicts emerging sustainable food and beverage trends.

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  4. light-bulb 1

    Resource depletion

    What can we do?

    Agriculture relies on water, land, and energy, but mismanagement harms the environment.

    Water scarcity causes conflicts and threatens sustainable farming.

    What can we do?

    • Companies must utilize efficient water use, renewable energy and regenerative farming to continue forward
    • Protein-rich plant-based meat alternatives

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  5. vegetables 1

    Health issues

    What can we do?
    • The F&B industry health costs in 2024: $9 trillion
    • Driven by unhealthy diets: high in fats, sugars, ultra-processed foods.
    • Unhealthy diets include obesity, non-communicable diseases, and decreased workplace productivity.

    Health is sustainability; sustainability is health. The food industry’s sustainability depends massively on consumers health.

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