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We love food, technology, and data, and we’re changing the food & beverage industry for the better.

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At Tastewise, we’re passionate about food, technology and data. We give leading food and hospitality brands the tools they need to develop the next best line of products and dishes, equipping industry professionals to identify target segments and competitors, understand emerging trends, and determine which ingredients should be served next.

What is tastewise?

We’re reimagining the future of the industry with AI that translates data into actionable insights. Our platform analyzes billions of food data points – including menus, reviews, home recipes and social media content – to provide in-depth observations for restaurants, hospitality groups, and food brands. We apply the most advanced cognitive computing available to-date, allowing us to capture food innovation in real-time.
Tastewise brings the science of AI to the art of food intelligence, and we are on a mission to build a healthier, more sustainable, and more innovative food ecosystem.
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