Violife’s 4X sales surge fueled by Tastewise insights

"The partnership between Violife and Tastewise has been a resounding success, significantly boosting the ability to run a large-scale lead generation campaign for our foodservice business."

Photo (5) Rachel Waynberg | Senior Manager, Marketing, Foodservice
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  • Struggled with cold-calling, resulting in a low 10-15% conversion rate.

  • Hundreds of restaurants were contacted in a broad campaign, leading to a negative ROI.

  • Contacting hundreds of restaurants was a time-consuming process.

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  • Identified 4,000 qualified restaurant prospects

  • insights allowed Violife to target their ideal audience, boosting conversion rates to 40-50%.

  • Violife cut resource expenditure by 50%.

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Violife by Upfield, a prominent name in the food industry, understands the imperative of remaining ahead in foodservice. To expand their foodservice business and amplify sales productivity, Violife aligned with Tastewise, the end-to-end GenAI platform for modern food & beverage brands.



The foodservice sector demands nimble strategies to swiftly identify high-quality leads and ensure sales conversion. Violife set out to:

  1. Enhance the efficiency of their lead generation campaign.
  2. Achieve precision in targeting and engaging their ideal audience.
  3. Transform a negative campaign ROI into a resounding success.

Why Tastewise

Violife found the optimal solution in Tastewise, comprehensively addressing their challenges. By partnering with Tastewise, Violife gained:

  • Swift access to high-quality leads: Tastewise provided Violife with rapid access to valuable leads, facilitating precise targeting and engagement of their ideal audience.
  • Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making: Tastewise’s real-time bespoke insights empowered Violife to transform its approach, ensuring informed decisions throughout the lead generation and sales conversion processes.


Violife’s collaboration with Tastewise revolutionized their lead generation and sales conversion processes:

  • Enhanced lead generation efficiency: Tastewise’s platform identified 4,000 restaurant prospects accurately and efficiently.
  • Strategic targeting: Tastewise empowered Violife to precisely engage their ideal audience, reshaping their outreach strategy.


The partnership with Tastewise yielded significant results for Violife:

  • Achieved a 4X increase in sales productivity: Tastewise’s insights transformed negative campaign ROI into a resounding success, marking a significant improvement in sales conversion.
  • Saved valuable time and resources: Violife cut touchpoints by 50% by streamlining the lead generation process, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.
  • Stayed ahead of competitors: Violife efficiently identified and engaged with high-quality leads, maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic foodservice industry.

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