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Tastewise fuels food product innovation, sales, and marketing by helping you predict how consumers cook, order, and eat. No guesswork, no outdated reports.

Tap into the moment of

500 M

Data points per query

100 M

Monthly social media interactions

541 K +

Restaurant menus, updated weekly

4 M +

Recipes with live usage stats

7000 +

Indexed ingredients

Millions of people in your focus group

Tastewise pairs the largest data-set in food intelligence with proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze and distill information, and predict consumer behavior. The result is a platform that allows you to quickly access the insights you need to make smart decisions for your food brand.


Infuse consumer insights into every stage of the product lifecycle

  • Gain a deep understanding of consumer motivations
  • Launch marketing campaigns designed to resonate with your target audience
  • Find the packaging claims your buyers are looking for


Uncover innovative flavors and pairings

  • Discover flavor market gaps and develop new flavors and combinations
  • Understand the consumer motivations behind the latest flavor trends
  • Become a trusted advisor to clients by mastering real-time consumer trends


Create the right products and experiences for your clientele

  • Track customer tastes, diets, and dinining habits and understand gaps by location
  • Create virutal menus in tune with customer demand
  • Understand what your customers are craving for, and when


Boost your distribution strategy by prioritizing the right products

  • Understand which products will quickly move through your distribution center
  • Learn how to prioritize for products in-demand now vs. in the future
  • Use real-time insights to make the best decision for your buisness. No guesswork
Flavor Companies

Our secret sauce

Buying at supermarkets (products on shelves)

Ordering food (mobile food applications)

Cooking at home (kitchen/recipes)


Cooking from
meal kits

Eating in restaurants

Buying food online (e-commerse websites)

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