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Tastewise helps food & beverage brands make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition

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Who is Tastewise for?

With custom, easy-to-use reports, Tastewise offers deep and reliable insights to keep you ahead of the industry

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Keep your product line fresh with the latest culinary innovations

  • Monitor the newest dishes and pairings
  • Keep up with the trendiest new recipes
  • See which ingredients are making a comeback


Design products that delight your customers and meet their needs

  • Track health & wellness trends and claims
  • Gain insights for product formats and features
  • Learn how real-world consumers behave in your category


Build marketing campaigns that speak to the right audiences

  • Uncover new opportunities to increase consumption frequency
  • Optimize your messaging and pricing for existing customers
  • Discover new, relevant segments to target


Identify restaurants that need your products and supplies

  • Find and prioritize interested buyers for your products and services
  • Enrich your leads with deep restaurant insights
  • Locate new regions and retailers for distribution
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Our Secret Sauce

Machine Learning

The more data our algorithms process, the smarter they get. This allows for advanced, automated trend analysis over massive datasets.

Computer Vision

Food isn’t just about taste. Gain deeper insight into the presentation and plating trends with advanced image recognition tools that study the visual cues and make actionable recommendations.

Predictive Analysis

Not only can our systems determine the most popular food trends of today, they can predict the most promising ones of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the competition with advanced predictive tools.

NLP Processing

Sentiment and textual analyses help our systems understand not just what consumers are eating, but how, why, when, where, and with whom. Rather than just providing data, we offer true understanding.

Get a glimpse of the latest live trends

Tastewise tracks the latest culinary trends in real-time,
scanning over 500 million data points for each query

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