How Waitrose created a top selling, own-label dish using real-time consumer data

“If you’ve got an ingredient and you want to know how it’s being used, it’s so easy to access this insight with Tastewise.”

Photo (3) Lizzie Conlon | Innovation Manager at Waitrose
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  • Manually going through Instagram and menus was research-heavy

  • Validating product ideas took precious time, hindering innovation under tight deadlines.

  • Staying ahead of food trends was a challenge

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  • Taps into social media buzz to understand what shoppers truly crave.

  • Tastewise’s AI predicts trending ingredients and pairings

  • Curating on-point recipes by analyzing popular home-cooked dishes, boosting customer engagement.

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Waitrose, a renowned British supermarket chain known for its high-quality food offerings, faced a challenge. Their innovation team needed to consistently develop exciting new own-label products while working with tight deadlines. 



The Waitrose innovation team needed to:

  • Create dishes and concepts to inspire the culinary teams working on the supermarket’s own-label products
  • Validate all new product ideas with actionable data while working under a tight schedule

Why Tastewise

Tastewise isn’t just another data platform; it’s a goldmine for food and beverage brands. It offers a powerful suite of AI features that empower companies like Waitrose to:

  • Tastewise analyzes social media buzz to understand what excites customers. This allows Waitrose to tailor product development to current trends.
  • Tastewise tracks ingredient popularity and flavor pairings, helping Waitrose stay ahead of the culinary curve.
  • By analyzing popular home-cooked dishes, Tastewise reveals seasonal trends, allowing Waitrose to curate perfect recipe ideas for their customers.


Waitrose innovation team uses Tastewise to:

  • Explore social media discussions to understand what excites their customers
  • Use data on consumer needs to learn about dining occasions and seasonal food trends
  • Find the most popular home-cooked dishes and curate newsletters with the perfect home-cooking concepts for their monthly reports
  • Validate ideas that lead to future best-selling products


The Waitrose innovation team was able to:

  • Create successful products such as the classic creamy Basque cheesecake – a top-selling own-label dessert
  • Save significant time on research by accessing insights quicker
  • Successfully created widely-read monthly and seasonal internal newsletters based on real food and beverage trends
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration with the chef teams and suppliers


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