How Campbell’s redesigned their innovation processes with an efficient, data-driven approach

“We're not just waiting for information to be given to us for what we need to execute, we are able to execute that ourselves.”

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  • Research, marketing, and innovation projects were siloed, slowing progress.

  • Consumer insights were based on traditional methods, lacking real-time data.

  • Marketing and sales approaches for existing products needed a refresh.

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  • A single platform consolidates research, marketing, and foodservice projects.

  • Quickly uncover trends, flavor pairings, and consumer preferences.

  • Validate ideas with accurate consumer data on trends and motivations.

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Campbell’s is a household name synonymous with delicious and convenient food. But even the most established brands need to stay ahead of the curve.  They constantly seek ways to improve efficiency, understand what excites consumers, and develop innovative products and marketing strategies.



For the past two years, Campbell’s marketing, insights, and foodservice teams have used Tastewise to push innovation, content strategy, and sales further in more modern and fresh ways.

The Campbell’s team needed to:

  • Improve the efficiency of their research, marketing, innovation and sales projects.
  • Back up their research with real-time consumer data.
  • Introduce new marketing and sales angles for well-established products in the market.

Why Tastewise

Campbell’s didn’t choose just any platform. Tastewise offered unique strengths that addressed their specific challenges. Unlike traditional methods, Tastewise provided:

  • Centralized Hub: All research, marketing, and food service teams collaborated on one platform, streamlining workflows.
  • Real-Time Consumer Insights: Tastewise gathers and analyzes up-to-date consumer trends and preferences, ensuring Campbell’s innovations reflect what excites real people.

Data-Driven Decisions: Flavor pairings, recipe inspiration, and social media trends were all supported by accurate data, reducing guesswork and boosting product success.

Tastewise empowered Campbell’s to make faster, smarter decisions throughout the innovation process, from ideation to execution.



Using Tastewise, the team:

  • Saves valuable time by consolidating research, marketing, and food service projects under one platform.
  • Uncovers food trends, new flavor pairings, recipes, and menu innovation in significantly less time.
  • Validates insights with accurate data on consumer motivations, unique ingredients & flavors, social media trends, and more.


The Campbell’s team is now able to:

  • Bring a modern, fresh, and data-driven approach to every stage of product development, from insight to marketing campaigns, product positioning, and content creation.
  • Keep their finger on the pulse of what consumers really want to eat (& how!) and be first to market with the next best-selling soup product.

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