How Campbell’s redesigned their innovation processes with an efficient, data-driven approach

“We're not just waiting for information to be given to us for what we need to execute, we are able to execute that ourselves.”

Kaylee Gill | Research Chef at Pepperidge Farm
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For the past two years, Campbell’s marketing, insights, and foodservice teams have used Tastewise to push innovation, content strategy, and sales further in more modern and fresh ways.

The Campbell’s team needed to:

  • Improve the efficiency of their research, marketing, innovation and sales projects.
  • Back up their research with real-time consumer data.
  • Introduce new marketing and sales angles for well-established products in the market.


Using Tastewise, the team:

  • Saves valuable time by consolidating research, marketing, and food service projects under one platform.
  • Uncovers food trends, new flavor pairings, recipes, and menu innovation in significantly less time.
  • Validates insights with accurate data on consumer motivations, unique ingredients & flavors, social media trends, and more.


The Campbell’s team is now able to:

  • Bring a modern, fresh, and data-driven approach to every stage of product development, from insight to marketing campaigns, product positioning, and content creation.
  • Keep their finger on the pulse of what consumers really want to eat (& how!) and be first to market with the next best-selling soup product.


“Campbell’s team uses Tastewise in multiple stages of innovation: “From the vision to the idea, to the flavors, to how we tell consumers to use the product, and how we draw in new customers and position our brand in modern and fresh ways. Having the ability of using real-time information and know that we really have the pulse on what consumers are talking about is really instrumental and has a great impact”.

Amanda Hershon | Communications Specialist

“Speed is definitely one of the biggest benefits of Tastewise. A quick search and a couple of clicks and I’m on my way to figuring out where I need to go and what I’m looking for.”

Greg Boggs | Senior Chef North America Foodservice

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