How Givaudan successfully answered customer briefs based on real-time consumer data

“Recently I was looking for ‘diet’ trends - just checking what was happening in this field - and Tastewise gave me a clear answer in 2 clicks, which is much faster than anything else.”

Laurence Minisini | Consumer Market Insights Manager Europe, Taste & Wellbeing
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The Givaudan Marketing and Consumer Insights teams are the vanguard of innovation at Givaudan. By keeping their finger on the pulse of consumer trends, these teams are responsible for identifying the next food & beverage flavors, colors, experiences, and more that consumers will love – and sharing them with their clients and the broader market. Within the scope of their work, the Marketing and Insights teams use consumer insights to answer customer briefs, as well as create market-leading trend reports that influence the wider industry.

To retain their position as thought and innovation leaders committed to providing the best solutions to both their customers and the market, the Marketing and Consumer Insights teams need access to the most up-to-date information possible.

In a rapidly changing market, this is made complicated as consumer preferences, tastes, and expectations constantly evolve. How did Givaudan tackle these challenges to successfully answer customer briefs — and provide market thought leadership?


Using Tastewise’s platform the team could:

  • Actively pitch customers with campaign ideas based on real-time flavor trends, new flavor combinations and relevant consumer motivations.
  • Answer customer briefs with a unique perspective, knowledge and inspiring insights while increasing win rates.
  • Have a competitive advantage and being first in the market with the right trends.
  • Utilize social media insights in every 2nd research project.


Tastewise emerged as the ideal solution for Kroger, addressing their innovation challenges comprehensively. By partnering with Tastewise, Kroger gained the following advantages Real-time insights for confident decision-making Tastewise provides Kroger with actual data to validate emerging trends and make informed decisions. With up-to-date insights, Kroger can confidently identify and explore new opportunities, ensuring their ideas cater to dynamic consumer preferences. Accelerated innovation timeline: Tastewise’s one-minute turnaround time for insights enables Kroger to swiftly validate ideas and refine their product development process more efficiently. This agility allows Kroger to stay ahead of competitors by adapting to changing consumer demands and preferences promptly. Consumer-centric approach: Tastewise offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs and behavior. By aligning their product offerings with consumer preferences, Kroger ensures their products connect deeply with the target audience and enhance customer satisfaction.


10X faster time to pitch : The Givaudan Marketing & Consumer Insights team was able to save a significant amount of time on research and reach relevant insights 10 times faster.

3X more briefs answered: The Givaudan Marketing & Consumer Insights team was able to work on over 100 projects with customers over the past year. Every 2nd research project uses social media insights!

Increased project inflow and new wins: Thanks to a unique trend perspective and differentiating insights on consumer needs and emerging ingredients, the Givaudan Marketing & Consumer Insights team increased customer project inflow and delivered new winning solutions — resulting in additional business growth.


“We wanted to build perspective on colour trends – what does it mean to consumers in the context of food & bev categories, which colours are more popular in which product category, what are the consumer motivations and what are the ingredients trends linked to colour. Tastewise can track colour trends in social discussions, and this gives us a unique view on the latest insights on colour trends in food & beverages”.

Tatiana Luschen, Consumer Sensory Insights Manager Innovation & Foresight Europe, Taste & Wellbeing

“Tastewise is the only system that actually allows us to gauge where a flavor is in terms of its evolution cycle.”

Martinique Buys, Marketing Director UK & Ireland, Taste & Wellbeing

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