Elevated CPG Products – From Inception to Shelf

Create the right offerings. Tell a powerful story.

Infuse consumer insights into every stage of your product’s lifecycle.

What Can the Tastewise CPG and Manufacturing Solution Do for You?


Develop a deep understanding of consumer motivations to better anticipate product successes.


Tell the story of your product in language your consumers will understand; compel your target audiences to buy your products.


Enrich your sales pitch with the right market story for the right clients.


Understand the relationship between your manufactured products and your consumers, and better position your offerings.

Tastewise for CPGs

Bringing the Power of Data to the Art of Food and Beverage

Traditional analytic tools are out of date. Focus groups and surveys don’t tell the full story of what your clients need and want – or where industry trends are heading.


With the Tastewise for CPGs solution, build your product and marketing strategies with real-time insights. Understand upcoming trends to inform your next product, and amp up your sales pitch with a real-time understanding of consumer motivations, pain points, and journeys. Become an industry leader, and offer custom, tailored insights into current and upcoming trends to your trusted clients.


of CPG growth over the last year came from online channels 


of new CPG products fail


of corporate executives use Big Data projects to build a competitive edge

The Tastewise solution generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the needs of top CPGs and manufacturers across the food & beverage industry.

Trend Synthesis Database


Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending ingredients and products.

Trend Drill-Down


Sort products and dishes to your needs  in both restaurant and home – to understand fast-trending consumer tastes in your segment

Consumer Connection


Uncover the “why” behind the biggest trends driving the industry and create a long-term strategy that speaks directly to your consumers

Time Saver


With easy-to-use reportsthe Tastewise flavor solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything you need to know about product trends – quickly.

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