Create the right marketing contentfor your audience

Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads per day and their behaviors are constantly evolving. To stand out, build campaigns that directly align with your audience’s changing needs, wants, and values.

Experience 4x more engagement

Win consumer attention

Standout from the competition by creating campaigns that are unique and memorable.


time reduction on first drafts


3+ hours

saved producing content



higher consumption frequency when tailored claims are used


Make your product standout

Market your product more effectively by identifying the top performing consumer claims.


Drive consumer loyalty

Align your product with consumer motivations by drilling down into their behavior on a national and state level.


Generate the right content

Answer business critical questions with data-driven insights specific to your category that put you ahead of trends.

Our tools

AI-generated content

Quickly create engaging recipes, informative blogs, and winning packaging claims with an AI specific to food and beverage.
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Market research

Whether you need instant consumer insights, an AI research assistant, or more in-depth customer feedback, we’ve got you covered.
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Elevated strategies

Capitalize on emerging trends and demand patterns, and generate captivating marketing concepts with ease.
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Why Tastewise?

Increase recipe engagement

Create the next viral recipe by tracking recipe performance and ingredient trends.

Monitor your competitors

Gain valuable insights and stay one step ahead by viewing your competitors’ trending live content.

Get ahead of trends

Track consumer interest in real-time to predict, or create, the next big thing.

Stephen & Brady

“If you’ve got an ingredient and you want to know how it’s being used, it’s so easy to do that with Tastewise.”

Sarah Curry
Social Media Director & Strategist

Increase consumption frequency with our AI-driven platform

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