Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit: Day 1 Recap – A Feast for the Future

June 27, 20244 minutes
Kelia Losa Reinoso photo
Kelia Losa Reinoso

Day 1 of Tastewise’s Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit was a sensory explosion, a delectable exploration of how AI is revolutionizing the food industry from farm to fork and on your social media feed.

From Amazon’s cutting-edge AI strategies to Chef Luca’s AI-inspired egg masterpieces whipped up live in the Tastewise kitchen, the event showcased how AI can be a powerful tool to augment what humans do best in the food industry.

AI: The Secret Ingredient for Success


Alon Chen, CEO of Tastewise, set the stage with a provocative question: is your business keeping pace in the age of AI? He highlighted the power of AI to analyze data at lightning speed, fueling innovation and consumer engagement.

“Meeting’s today consumer demand, maintaining supply, and achieving sustainability goals …are only possible with a way of doing things differently. It’s time to adapt, to innovate and embrace AI or face the consequences”

Alon Chen

AI in Action: Learn from Amazon’s Playbook to Drive Innovation in Your Business

Justin Honaman from Amazon offered a masterclass in using AI for business success. He showcased how Amazon leverages AI to analyze vast sets of customer data, predicting trends and tailoring product recommendations. 

“AI will be a big part of personalization. Personalization is going to evolve very quickly in the marketplace, because of AI.”

Justin Honaman

Attendees learned how AI streamlines everything from supply chain management to personalized marketing campaigns. Honaman emphasized the importance of taking an “A/B testing” approach – experiment with different AI applications and see what works best for your company.

AI Meets Culinary Artistry

Chef Luca’s live cooking demonstration showcased the magic that happens when AI and human creativity collide. Using Tastewise’s platform, he created innovative dishes, proving AI can inspire, not replace, culinary genius.

AI Revolutionizes Foodservice

Renato Gueraldi of Kraft Heinz revealed how they leverage AI for hyper-accurate food trend forecasting. This translates to a competitive edge and exceptional customer experiences. 

“It’s better to have a thousand people taking one step at a time but in the same direction than one crazy guy running a thousand feet by himself.”

Renato Gueraldi

Could AI be the secret ingredient foodservice businesses need?

How AI Reshapes Gastronomy

Asier Alea and Juan Carlos Arboleya from the Basque Culinary Centre took attendees on a thought-provoking journey. They envisioned a future where AI drives sustainability, promotes healthy eating, and fosters collaboration across disciplines. Imagine AI tools that analyze the environmental impact of ingredients or craft personalized nutrition plans.

“We need new methodologies that are more all-encompassing… so we can create innovation in a sector that, with some exceptions, have hardly created any innovation at all.”

Asier Alea

Data Drives Decisions: From Surveys to Real-Time Insights

Tod Johnson and Karyn Schoenbart from Duo Partners highlighted the shift from traditional survey research to AI-powered data collection methods. 

“What we like is companies that have what we call always-on data. The data is available, you can tap into it, it’s observational, it’s real-time.”

Tod Johnson

These methods provide real-time insights into consumer behavior, enabling companies to make agile, data-driven decisions. They emphasized the transformative impact of AI on market research, offering CPG companies actionable insights to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

“Understanding how to tap into that and how to track that and how to understand what’s going on with that is critical.”

Karyn Schoenbart

AI Experts Share Cutting-Edge Strategies

Gilad Gershon from NVIDIA and Kate Nir from Tastewise offered a roadmap for successful AI adoption. From overcoming integration challenges to starting small, their insights equip businesses to unlock the true potential of AI.

“Food companies can leverage generative AI to innovate and develop new products by analyzing consumer trends, ingredient combinations, and nutritional values.”

Kate Nir

Sustainable Innovation: A Recipe for a Better Tomorrow

Miriam Uberall, Chief R&D Officer at Upfield, showcased how AI drives sustainable food production. From plant-based alternatives to waste reduction strategies, AI is revolutionizing how food is produced and consumed. Miriam illustrated a future where environmental responsibility and delicious food go hand-in-hand, thanks to AI-powered innovations.

“What I ask my team ongoingly is what can we do differently? How can we change the status quo? Where do we want to be tomorrow?”

Miriam Uberall

A Peek Inside the Tastewise Kitchen

Attendees at the Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit were treated to an exclusive look into Tastewise’s innovative kitchen, gaining insights into the cutting-edge technology that drives culinary creativity.

Chef-Driven Innovation

Chef Einav Gefen from Restaurant Associates showcased how AI is transforming culinary experiences. By leveraging AI, chefs can now create personalized menus and streamline kitchen operations. AI-powered suggestions for recipe pairings and ingredient predictions enable chefs to focus on their creative prowess, delivering unforgettable dining experiences.

“Guys, you’re behind the train… Where are your elective courses on what sustainability means in a kitchen? Who does that? A little bit of nutrition and the role of AI.”

Chef Einav Gefen

AI & The Creator Economy

Melanie Rodriguez, Product Manager at Meta predicted that AI-powered tools will become an essential ingredient for social media success. Imagine using AI to generate mouthwatering recipe videos or create perfectly curated Instagrammable food photos.  

“You can imagine an AI that can add an ingredients to any recipe in a cool way…I think that’s what is going to becomes the next step in really engaging in innovative brand marketing.”

-Melanie Rodriguez

This recap is just a taste of the of knowledge served up on day 1. Don’t miss day 2, where even more exciting sessions await. Join us and get ready to be amazed by the future of food.

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