Set the trend and
capture the market
with foodservice
concepts that truly resonate

Outsell and outmanoeuvre your competition by identifying menu gaps, driving innovation and securing quality leads that result in increased market share.

Experience 4x more engagement


Drive foodservice success with AI-infused insights and innovation

2.5% Growth

In Revenue In 3 Months


15% Increase

In Portfolio Size In 6 Months


20% Expansion

In Digital Menu Presence


Secure quality leads

Boost bottom lines with insights into operator needs and consumer sentiments

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Seize opportunities

Drive menu innovation and seize untapped market opportunities with pinpoint accuracy

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Dominate your lane

Conquer your territory with menu insights that uncover trends before the competition

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Master your territory with unrivalled market insights

Fuel sales success and lead the foodservice market with data-driven insights that foster menu adoption and client satisfaction.

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Drive menu innovation and increase your brand presence

Leverage GenAI-inspired, on-trend menu ideas that captivate consumer palettes and increase your bottom lines.

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Upsell and increase customer lifecycle value with GenAI

Tastewise offers you a suite of foodservice sales and insights tools to give you the unfair advantage over your competitors.

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Adaptable consumer messaging that converts

“Where Tastewise is brilliant and AI is, we can now track that trend. That’s where AI is, it gives us that flexibility to actually change the messaging on the right time when consumers want it.”

Mark Donovan
Mark Donovan
Botanical, Flavours & Innovation Director, Tata Consumer Products
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Customer centricity from vision to execution

“Tastewise gives me some actual data to say yes, what we think we’re seeing is on the right track, there’s something here. It also allows us to go a level deeper to understand what might be driving those trends”

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Natalie Taake
Senior Innovation Manager, Kroger
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Scalable foodservice strategies that deliver

“The partnership between Violife and Tastewise has been a resounding success, significantly boosting the ability to run a large-scale lead generation campaign for our foodservice business.”

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Rachel Waynberg
Senior Manager, Marketing, Foodservice
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End to end process and project elevation

“Tastewise has been really instrumental in being able to have a greater impact across all the different projects.”

Amanda Hershon
Test Kitchen Specialist, Campbell Soup Company
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Pioneering trends before they hit mainstream

“The AI tool on Tastewise has really made us more efficient and faster in identifying trends. I really enjoy the automatically-generated reports that we can do, to having ingredient information. So we’re using it and we’ll definitely use it more as we get used to having that tool.”

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Dirk Vogel
Senior Marketing Specialist, Bell
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