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Food trends are constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. At Tastewise, this is what we do. This report breaks down all of the major food and beverage trends you can expect in 2024, the causes behind them and what this says about the future of food and beverage. Discover what 2024 will look like with pinpoint accuracy using cutting-edge AI technology so you know what to expect before everyone else. And the best part? You can get your full breakdown of 2024’s trends through email. Simply click the buttons below to get started.


Routine and ritual

2023 consumers embraced healthier late-night eating habits

Fusion flavors

Desserts are spicing things up with a sweet and spicy surge

Condiments and botanicals

Floral-flavored condiments came into bloom in 2023

Latin American beverages

Authentic and refreshing, non-alcoholic gems, like Aguas frescas, made a splash

Redefined energy drinks

With more focus on health and wellness, functional energy drinks became more than a pick-me-up

Personal and planetary health

Discussions on habitat conservation sparked interest in sustainable food and beverage options

Women’s reproductive health

Online buzz on ‘menopause’ and ‘hormone balance’ led to significant interest in women’s reproductive health

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The new frontier of food marketing
Chapter 2: The art of having it all
Chapter 3: The new dining occasion
Chapter 4: Reconnection and community
Chapter 5: Pepper provenance
Chapter 6: Natural newtrition
Chapter 7: South/East Asian flavors
Chapter 8: America shrinks

The new frontier of food marketing:

AI dominates 2024’s marketing scene

The Trend: AI’s takeover of food and beverage

In 2024, AI revolutionizes food and beverage trends, shifting the focus from brands to individuals in a dynamic, interconnected environment. AI amplifies diverse voices to shape what consumers eat and drink, surpassing human capability to understand and meet their needs.

AI’s impact: Beyond consumption

Traditionally, innovation in F&B relies on strict processes, but in 2024, AI shapes consumption trends, becoming a powerful storytelling tool that transcends mere nutrition. It resonates with diverse audiences, reshaping the food experience.

Your secret weapon: Generative AI tools

Our starter pack arms you with generative AI concepts to run with—surveys, blog posts, recipes, and innovative ideas. Tools like Content Agency, AI Survey Agency, Recipe Creator, and Blog Ideator are your swift path to leveraging AI dominance in F&B.

The trend: Indulgence on a budget: Offal’s resurgence

Consumers crave affordable indulgence, prompting a 50% surge in interest while aiming to balance cost and luxury amidst a 30% increase in the desire for budget-friendly delights. Enter offal, the underrated hero—affordable, indulgent, and embraced for its health benefits, witnessing a 28% surge in preparation interest for 2024.


The art of having it all:

Indulgent and affordable dishes, including offal, rise as consumers tire of limits

The new dining occasion:

Late night snacking gets a rebrand with cottage cheese

The trend: Late night snacking gets a rebrand with cottage cheese

Learn how a humble favorite, cottage cheese, is revolutionizing late-night cravings, marking a 300% interest surge over two years. Its adaptability and nutritional value make it the go-to for late-night snacking.

The trend: Craving connection through food

Amidst rising loneliness, people seek solace and connections at the dining table. Our research reveals a 47% YoY surge in the pursuit of togetherness. Memory creation, escalating by 125% YoY, is a prime motivator, bringing celebration and joy back to dining experiences.

Pop culture fusion with food trends

Dive into the world of pop culture phenomena —like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Barbie. Beyond momentary fads, they resonate with our desires for enjoyment and connections. Barbie’s 106% surge in popularity marks a lasting trend, aligning seamlessly with current food and drink motivations.


Reconnection and community:

Digital and pop culture redefine food communities


Pepper provenance:

Get ready for the ‘guajillo’ pepper craze

The trend: Get ready for the guajillo pepper craze

The guajillo pepper trend is ablaze with its unmatched appeal—authenticity, uniqueness, and a touch of luxury. Guajillos’ distinctiveness, draw nearly 4x more consumers over typical seasonings. In upscale dishes, it reigns supreme, favored 1.8x more than standard seasonings.

Versatility on show

Despite its distinctiveness, the guajillo pepper’s versatility is truly where it shines. Emerging in 2024 are regional Mexican salsas featuring guajillo, ideal for pairing with meat-centric dishes like birria tacos. It’s a pepper with unlimited potential in culinary exploration.

The trend: South/East Asian flavors take center stage

As nighttime cravings surge, a new era of indulgence unfolds. Consumers are seeking adventure and uniqueness, reflected in the explosive growth of adventurous, unique, and creative menu preferences.

Explore the fervor around Korean-inspired frozen treats like Bingsu and sweet corn sensations, inspired by the cultural wave of K-pop and K-dramas. Unique frozen desserts are the talk of the town, with Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, SE Asian, Japanese, and Filipino flavors leading the charge—2-3 times more unique than the industry standard.


South/East Asian flavors:

South/East Asian flavors take center stage

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