How Kroger Harnesses Tastewise for Next-Level Success

“My team's job is to be the voice of the customer. It’s to exceed their expectations, meet their unmet needs, predict their future needs. I can’t do that without Tastewise.”

Natalie Taake | Kroger Senior Innovation Manager
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Real-time insights and data-driven decision-making propel Kroger’s innovation process into a rapidly changing AI landscape.



Kroger, a leading retailer in the United States, understands the critical importance of staying ahead in the fast-paced food industry. In their pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge, Kroger has partnered with Tastewise, a cutting-edge platform that provides real-time consumer insights. By leveraging Tastewise’s data-driven approach, Kroger has transformed its innovation process, achieving greater efficiency, consumer-centricity, and success.



The food industry demands continuous innovation and a predictive understanding of ever-changing consumer preferences. In order to maintain a competitive edge Kroger needed to:

  • Anticipate emerging trends and consumer demands.
  • Validate ideas swiftly and effectively before investing resources.
  • Align their product offerings with evolving consumer preferences.


Tastewise emerged as the ideal solution for Kroger, addressing their innovation challenges comprehensively. By partnering with Tastewise, Kroger gained the following advantages:

  • Real-time insights for confident decision-making: Tastewise provides Kroger with actual data to validate emerging trends and make informed decisions. With up-to-date insights, Kroger can confidently identify and explore new opportunities, ensuring their ideas cater to dynamic consumer preferences.
  • Accelerated innovation timeline: Tastewise’s one-minute turnaround time for insights enables Kroger to swiftly validate ideas and refine their product development process more efficiently. This agility allows Kroger to stay ahead of competitors by adapting to changing consumer demands and preferences promptly.
  • Consumer-centric approach: Tastewise offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs and behavior. By aligning their product offerings with consumer preferences, Kroger ensures their products connect deeply with the target audience and enhance customer satisfaction.


Kroger’s collaboration with Tastewise has revolutionized their innovation process. By leveraging Tastewise’s platform, Kroger:

  • Understanding consumer preferences: Tastewise insights empower Kroger to exceed expectations and predict future demands. Crafting dynamic product offerings with consumer preferences in mind ensures effective adaptation to developing trends.
  • Evidence-based decisions: Tastewise sheds light on consumer needs, enabling informed decisions throughout the innovation process. By relying on data, Kroger minimizes risks and increases the success of new products and initiatives.
  • Streamlining decision-making: Tastewise’s real-time insights and data-driven approach transform Kroger’s decision-making. With evidence-based strategies, Kroger stays at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving food industry.


Kroger’s collaboration with Tastewise has yielded significant results:

  • Saved valuable time and resources: With Tastewise acting as the fourth team member, Kroger swiftly validates ideas and refines their product development process more efficiently. This high-speed insight delivery not only saves valuable time but also thousands of dollars on concept testing, with insights delivered in just 1 minute.
  • Stayed ahead of competitors: By promptly adapting to changing consumer demands and preferences, Kroger has maintained a competitive edge in the food industry.
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction: By aligning their product offerings with consumer preferences, Kroger has created products that resonate deeply with their target audience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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