Tastewise Index: Top 3 Summer Trends in Germany

July 11, 20222 min
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Wundervolle Nachrichten! Tastewise coverage is growing globally: German data is now available for free edition users.

Expand your research to the fourth-largest economy in the world, home to over 80M people and one of the largest exporters of confectionery, cheese, pork and agricultural technology in the world.

To spark your appetite, here are the top 3 German food and beverage trends this summer.

Central Africa comes to German Cuisine

One of the most noticeable trends this summer for the German market is actually sourced from an entirely different continent: central African cuisine. 5 out of 10 emerging consumer motivations revolve around cuisine trends from Somalia (+1864.27% YoY growth), Mali (+332.37%), Sudan (+515.73%), Senegal (+326.53%), and Guinea (+312.11%).

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This may be due to the impact of a high immigration rate from these specific countries, which in turn creates more food service business opportunities that serve central African cuisine, and contributes to rising social interest in the culinary traditions of these specific communities.

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It’s Cocktail Season

The Sidecar is the number one recommended and emerging trending cocktail in Germany this summer, showing 171% YoY growth in social discussions. People are particularly excited about creating these cocktails at home.

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The Sidecar, a classic cocktail based on cognac, orange liqueur, and fresh lemon juice, highly correlates with zesty and fresh trends for summer drinks.

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What are we having for dessert?

According to German home cooking trends, dessert is the highlight of every meal — and Rhubarb based desserts are trending in many kitchens.

Rhubarb is a hardy perennial with large leaves and pink, red or greenish leaf stalks that are used in desserts, often in pies and crumbles.


Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 12.31.11.png

The most popular dessert containing Rhubarb, Rhubarb Raspberry Cookies, has over 22K saves and 33K shares to social media.

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