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How Food and Beverage Industry Players Can Take Advantage of the $21.5B Sweetener Opportunity


Refined sugar is on trial. Consumers are becoming more aware of the sweet ingredient’s health consequences, and are looking for alternatives to fit increasingly popular lifestyles centered on natural, healthy food and beverage. Enter sweeteners: an industry worth $21.5B. 


Consumer interest in sweeteners is only increasing every year – 142 million Americans are already looking for sugar replacements! – but restaurants and recipes are not paying the category enough attention.


Read on for 4 bite-sized insights from our latest report, American Sweet Tooth, and download the full report to find your competitive edge.




  • Currently, there is a 16% gap between supply and demand in recipes using sweeteners; an additional 41K recipes featuring sweeteners are needed to satisfy consumer demand for sugar alternatives.


  • Coffee shops and juice bars are the first types of restaurants to adopt sweeteners; other cuisines would do well to follow suit, and should consider expanding use beyond beverages.


  • Natural sweeteners hold particular appeal; consumer interest in natural sweeteners is up +85% YoY. However, less than 10% of restaurants highlight natural sweeteners on their menus. 


  • Monk fruit is the star of the show in the natural sweeteners world. Consumer interest in the low calorie (yet indulgent!) sweetener is up almost 200%, and people are paying particular attention to its immunity-boosting qualities. 


The right natural sweeteners can fill these CPG and food service industry gaps. How can you take action? Find your sweet spot within today’s food industry trends by downloading the report.  



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