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Exploring the world of confection: A Sweet and Snacks Expo 2023 recap

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Exploring the world of confection: A Sweet and Snacks Expo 2023 recap

Exploring the world of confection: A Sweet and Snacks Expo 2023 recap

Welcome to the Tastewise recap of the Sweets & Snacks Expo held in Chicago in May 2023. This event showed off the newest innovations, trends, and partnerships in the sweet and snacks industry. Below are some of the key takeaways that shaped the conference.

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Lauren Daniels

Lauren Daniels


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Key takeaways:

  • A focus on texture
  • The presence of healthier options
  • The importance of personalization and nostalgia
  • Notable collaborations between established brands and innovative operators

Eden Kalderon, Food and Beverage Insights Advisor, aptly summarized, "As a food and beverage insights advisor, the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023 opened my eyes to a world of tantalizing delights. From texture-focused innovations to the incorporation of healthier alternatives, this event showcased the importance of personalization and nostalgic sentiments, while also highlighting the collaborations between established brands and innovative operators."

Standout trends and innovations: ‘Texture’ was under the spotlight at the expo, with many companies focusing on the sensory experience of their snacks and sweets. According to Tastewise data, ‘Creamy' is the dominant texture with 17.48% of the discussion share. From unique flavor pairings to intriguing textures, there was a notable emphasis on creating delightful mouthfeel. Birthday cake flavors were in abundance, adding an air of celebration to the proceedings.

Although healthier snacks didn't dominate the scene, there were a host of options catering to health-conscious consumers. Booths featuring seaweed, granola mixes, and nut mixes offered alternatives for those seeking nutritious treats. Plant-based snacks also made an appearance, aligning with the ongoing trend towards sustainable and mindful eating. Protein muscles out the rest of the nutritional needs with 28.15% of the discussion. It also shows a strong 10.8% YoY growth.

Insights into evolving consumer preferences: Personalization and nostalgia emerged as key themes during the conference. Brands are recognizing the importance of customizing products to meet individual preferences and cravings. Whether it's creating unique flavor combinations or tapping into nostalgic flavors that evoke cherished memories, the focus is on providing personalized experiences that resonate with consumers. As it turns out, social discussion around ‘Traditional’ has experienced impressive 30.4% YoY growth. As taste preferences continue to evolve, brands are leveraging personalization and nostalgia to forge stronger connections with their target audiences.

Notable collaborations and partnerships: While the expo didn't showcase many high-profile collaborations between industry giants, there were notable partnerships between established brands and innovative operators. One interesting example was the collaboration between a well-known cereal company and a separate entity that specializes in creating fun treats. By combining the beloved cereal with chocolates, they crafted a unique chocolate bar that delighted attendees. These types of collaborations demonstrate the power of merging different expertise and flavors to create exciting and unexpected snack experiences. This is very noteworthy as Social Buzz around ‘Creative’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Indulgent’ have all seen solid YoY growth at 40%, 42.2% and 31% respectively.

The Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023 provided a tantalizing glimpse into the world of sweets and snacks. From texture-focused innovations to the presence of healthier options, the event offered a diverse range of culinary delights.

Stay tuned to Tastewise for more on the freshest insights into the world of food and beverage.


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