Korean Flavors and South/East cuisine: A tasty frontier

November 25, 20232 min
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As food and beverage progress, South/East and Korean flavors have leaped forward, steering a bold shift in frozen dessert trends. We examine the decisive rise of Korean and South/East Asian frozen delights below:

‘Adventurous’ and ‘unique’ dominating 2024’s palate 2024 witness a robust YoY growth in adventurous and unique flavors. Adventurous tastes surge by an impressive 51.4%, while the allure of unique flavors, particularly in Korean culinary creations, sees a substantial 47.6% YoY boost.

Satisfying the craving for exotic Consumer cravings for exotic cuisines drive the popularity of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, SE Asian, Japanese, and Filipino flavors. These unique frozen Asian desserts aren’t just a trend but a decisive choice, dominating modern menus with solid and increasing sales.

Bingsu Bingsu emerges as a simple yet sensational choice, boasting 20% more bestsellers than the frozen dessert benchmark. Finely shaved, melt-in-your-mouth ice with sweet toppings like fresh fruits and authentic Asian elements creates a satisfying sensory adventure without unnecessary complexity.

Sweet corn fusion

Introducing a frozen dessert sensation with 2.5 times the bestsellers of the frozen dessert benchmark – a fusion of sweet corn kernels, shaved ice, milk, and sugar. The simplicity of corn meets sweetness, offering an intriguing twist, especially for mainstream Western palates.

Halo Halo

Indulge in the unexpected with Halo Halo – a dessert sensation with 4 times more bestsellers than the frozen dessert benchmark. It captures the mysterious and alluring essence of Asian flavors, delivering an experience that speaks volumes with each bite.

Red bean

For those craving the fusion experience, this sweet and slightly nutty ice cream features the classic Korean flavors of red bean and is the decisive choice. Consumer interest has grown 11% in social discussion over the last year, proving that the straightforward allure of red bean remains an undisputed winner.

Pandan and coconut

Experience the sweet and earthy goodness of a flavor combination of pandan and coconut growing at +15% and +6% YoY, respectively, in social discussion. Pandan leaves and coconut milk, commonly used in Thai desserts, bring a decisive blend of fragrance and creaminess to the forefront.


Calamansi, a citrus fruit commonly used in Filipino cuisine, is making waves with a +35% YoY growth in social discussion. Its tart, tangy flavor transforms into a refreshing sorbet, a decisive choice for those seeking a palate-pleasing and revitalizing treat.


The spicy trendsetter As uniqueness, spiciness, and Korean influences surge, gochujang ice cream emerges as the decisive choice, set to become the next big frozen hit. The spice trend is undeniable, with +21% YoY growth in consumer interest for spicy ice cream and +17% YoY for gochujang.

Korean flavors are not just trends; they represent a decisive evolution in flavor. Taking advantage of the increasing interest in Korean food can be a smart move for your company attracting more people to your products by adding popular Korean flavors and cooking styles.

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