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Hot in Hotels: 3 Food & Bev Trends Hitting Hospitality

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Hot in Hotels: 3 Food & Bev Trends Hitting Hospitality

Hot in Hotels: 3 Food & Bev Trends Hitting Hospitality

September 28th, 2019
2 Min Read

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From communal dining for working guests, to hotel restaurants designed to meet local demand, read on for a look at some of the newest F&B innovations in hospitality.

#Hot in Hotels: 3 Food & Bev Trends Hitting Hospitality

Data-Driven customer insights: Creating F&B experiences for guests and locals alike

Travelers want hotels to be more than just a home base to which to return after a long day out. Mid-range hotels are breaking away from cookie-cutter vibes, instead telling a story specific to their location by offering thoughtful, local cuisine. These culinary choices, developed with data-driven consumer insights that shed light and popular tastes and diets, are designed to attract local customers and hotel guests alike. See how Tastewise generates location-based real-time culinary insights for hotels, virtual restaurants, and food halls.

Communal Areas: Co-working spaces at hotels offer much more than shared desks

Communal areas at hotels, like in-demand co-working spaces, are transitioning to provide more comfortable eating experiences for those ordering delivery: modular seating allows for flexibility and impromptu group meals, ubiquitous power outlets and wifi keep workers powered through lunch, common access microwaves allow meals to be reheated and trays embedded in furniture let time-crunched visitors eat and move on. Some hotels offer partnerships with delivery platforms like Seamless and Grubhub, making ordering in easier than ever.

Luxury Pop-ups: When the closest convenience store is in-house

Hotels are capitalizing on the retail success of pop-ups, opening gourmet mini-markets that cater to guests’ tastes twenty-four hours a day. While the concept of ‘grab-and-go’ food and beverage stations in hotels is nothing new, pairing convenience with an exciting brand collaboration can be. As pop-ups become more popular, hotels use mini retail spaces for more than just convenient eating, showcasing locally-made items alongside luxury or gourmet goods. Thoughtful design leaves visitors feeling like the experience has been curated with their days in mind. Easy convenience, meet luxury.

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