Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit: Day 2 Recap – Innovations Shaping Tomorrow’s Plate

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June 27, 20245 minutes
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Kelia Losa Reinoso

Welcome back to the Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit, here’s your Day 2 recap, where groundbreaking discussions and insights continued to redefine the future of food and beverage through AI-driven innovations. Let’s dive into the highlights from today’s sessions.

How AI is Revolutionizing Food & Beverage


The day kicked off with Tastewise’s Jacques Botbol and Ilana Ryder Schnytzer whipping up a discussion on AI’s impact on food and beverage. They highlighted AI’s ability to speed up development, scale operations, and boost efficiency –  the perfect ingredients for a successful dish. Attendees got a taste of real-world examples where AI has helped businesses devour their competition.

“Generative AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in driving innovation and market responsiveness.”

Jacques Botbol

Unlocking Growth from Farm to Fork

Next up, Diego Camacho from Tetra Pak shared his wisdom on using AI for product development and engaging customers. He stressed the importance of using AI strategically, not just following fads.  His session showcased how AI can be the secret sauce for innovative products and market-winning strategies.

“AI empowers us to innovate proactively, creating products that anticipate and meet consumer needs effectively.”

Diego Camacho

AI Meets Culinary Genius: Recipes for Success in the Kitchen

Chef Maya Bronfenmajer took the stage to show how AI-generated recipes can be the perfect sous chef to human creativity. Her session highlighted how AI can inspire new flavor combinations and enhance culinary artistry, proving it’s more like a spice rack than a replacement for the chef’s expertise.

“AI augments rather than replaces culinary artistry, enabling chefs to explore innovative culinary landscapes.”

Maya Bronfenmajer

AI on the Menu: How Private Label Brands are Winning with AI

Lizzie Haywood and Will Torrent from Waitrose & Partners dished on how AI is accelerating innovation in their private label brands. They shared practical ways they’re using AI to develop products and analyze trends, all while emphasizing the importance of human creativity in the mix. Their message? AI helps them cook up innovative products faster, without compromising on quality or uniqueness.

“Integrating AI allows us to innovate faster while maintaining the quality and uniqueness of our products.”

Lizzie Haywood

Serving Up Personalized Campaigns

Kelli Heinz and Jacques Botbol tag-teamed to explore the transformative power of AI in food and beverage marketing. They explained how AI-powered insights allow brands to create personalized, dynamic campaigns that resonate with consumers, leading to deeper brand connections and a bigger market share.

“AI empowers marketers to craft precise, data-driven campaigns that drive meaningful consumer connections.”

– Kelli Heinz

A Look at Tastewise’s AI Platform

Amit Ashkenazi from Tastewise offered a peek under the hood of their AI platform. He showcased its ability to analyze mountains of data, predicting food trends and consumer preferences with uncanny accuracy. This session highlighted how AI can accelerate product development and optimize marketing strategies based on real-time insights – giving businesses a leg up on the competition.

“AI-driven data insights empower businesses to innovate faster and stay ahead in a competitive market.”

Amit Ashkenazi

Agrosuper’s Journey Towards Digital Transformation

From farm to table, AI is helping Agrosuper supercharge their digital transformation. Alexandra Gudiño and Tamara Morales shared how AI is enhancing customer experiences, optimizing sales, and even helping them overcome internal hurdles like integration and scalability. Their message? AI empowers them to scale up efficiently, all while keeping the customer at the heart of everything they do.

“AI enables us to scale operations efficiently while maintaining a customer-centric approach to innovation.”

– Alexandra Gudiño

Conagra’s Strategic Insights with AI

Conagra Brands is ditching the surveys and embracing the power of real-world data, thanks to AI. Megan Bullock and Miriam Aniel Oved discussed how Tastewise’s AI is helping Conagra understand consumer behavior through observation, rather than relying on traditional surveys. This shift allows them to align their marketing strategies with what consumers are actually doing, not just what they say they do. The result? Faster, more accurate decision-making for a competitive edge.

“AI is going to make my job so much easier because it’s bringing an immense amount of efficiency to my day-to-day life.” 

Megan Bullock

AI’s Impact on Food Startups

Food waste is a big problem, but Orbisk’s AI is taking a big bite out of it. Olaf van der Veen showcased their innovative solutions that leverage AI to slash food waste in restaurants.  Imagine – AI that helps streamline operations, boost profits, and promote sustainability all at once. Orbisk’s presentation offered a glimpse into a future where AI tackles food waste and helps restaurants run smoother than ever.

“Our AI helps us to really very dedicatedly quantify all of the different types of food in those pictures. Register the weight of those pictures without interfering with the everyday operations.”

Olaf van der Veen

Advancements in Food Production

Neolithics, represented by David Kat, introduced advanced imaging technology for precise quality control in food production. This tech uses AI to see right through fruits and vegetables, enabling flawless quality control without damaging the produce. Neolithics’ session highlighted how AI can streamline production, minimize waste, and ensure top-notch food quality across global supply chains.

“The impact of preventing food waste, not destructing anymore, and really understanding the quality, is essential.”

David Kat

Fireside Chat on Tech Transformations

The future of food is on the menu, and AI is the secret ingredient. Alon Chen and Ellen de Brabander discussed how AI is transforming R&D and product innovation. Their conversation focused on integrating sustainability into everything they do,  from using AI to develop new products to exploring the potential of game-changing technologies like precision fermentation. AI is helping the food industry meet consumer needs while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

“Sustainability should not be an afterthought. Don’t try to fix it once you are almost there, but try to do it from the start.”

-Ellen de Brabander

Today’s sessions at the Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit showcased how AI is driving innovation across the food and beverage industry. From enhancing product development and consumer engagement to revolutionizing marketing strategies, AI continues to redefine the landscape.

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