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AI’s culinary takeover — A deep dive into 2024’s marketing landscape

November 19, 20232 min
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Lauren Daniels Tastewise

Once confined to labs and tech-driven processes, AI has permeated the heart of our kitchens, dictating not just what we eat but how we perceive the culinary journey. Beyond being a mere trend, AI has become the storyteller, the unseen hand shaping how we perceive, share, and indulge in food and beverage.

Transforming trends
The traditional food and beverage landscape, previously swayed by icons and major brands, has undergone a significant metamorphosis. In this shift, we see a departure from conventional norms. This transformation involves the use of AI technology in almost every aspect of the food and beverage sector.

In 2024, AI is democratizing the scene, amplifying individual voices, and redirecting the focus from brands to people. AI’s true power emerges in a world where everyone can be a home cook, and culinary creations are easily shared. It’s no longer just about the plate; it’s about the stories behind the dishes and the motivations driving our eating moments. Food is no longer just food; it’s a way to show how you enjoy life.

A powerful storytelling tool

AI transcends being a technological marvel; it’s a potent storyteller. With unmatched speed, it weaves narratives that resonate across diverse audiences, shaping how people experience food beyond its nutritional value. This shift from traditional marketing to AI-driven storytelling is the next chapter in culinary communication.

From icons to influencers

The food and beverage sector’s journey lays the groundwork for the timeline that follows:

2000s: Icons and major brands dictated the culinary trends.
2012: The Instagram influencer movement ushered in an era of curated content.
2017: User-friendly apps and tech-enabled delivery networks diversified consumer palettes and preferences.
2020: Hybrid work and a laissez-faire aesthetic turned everyone into a home cook, enabling culinary enthusiasts to share their creations.
2021+: Millions shared the stories and motivations behind their eating moments.
2023: The AI boom began to reshape the landscape.
2024: We find ourselves at the brink of the next chapter in marketing storytelling.

Beyond the plate, into marketing campaigns
AI’s impact extends beyond the final dish, permeating the pre-consumption journey. For marketing campaigns in 2024, the story of the meal is as vital as the meal itself. AI’s ability to comprehend diverse voices and rapidly craft narratives, make it the linchpin in this dynamic, interconnected environment. Capturing individual preferences and culinary stories is beyond human capability. However, AI opens up a whole new world.

A taste of what’s to come
This is just a compelling introduction to the culinary revolution of 2024. However, the complete feast awaits those willing to dive deeper. Our trend starter pack glimpses into the transformative world of AI-driven marketing storytelling. For those with curious minds and a hunger for more, the full report comprehensively explores the culinary journey ahead.

AI takes the lead as the culinary landscape transforms, inviting everyone to the table. Download our trend starter pack for a savory preview, or savor the complete narrative with our full report.

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