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Feast forecast: A preview of culinary shifts in 2024

November 23, 20232 min
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Lauren Daniels Tastewise

In a recent Tastewise webinar, we dissected the impactful culinary trends of 2023, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits in 2024. Here’s what we covered:

Data: The culinary pulse of now
In 2023, the global data sphere expanded, with a whopping 90% of data created in the past two years. A real-time buffet of culinary insights, from over 46,000 new Instagram posts every minute to climate shifts shaping food preferences.

Global dynamics flavoring choices
Beyond the kitchen, global dynamics spice up our dining preferences. From climate shifts to regulatory challenges, external forces shape our culinary landscape. In 2023, health discussions shifted from generic to specific, demanding tailored well-being insights.

Rituals: Crafting culinary moments
Rituals are woven into the fabric of our culinary experiences. Breakfast transcends mere fuel; it transforms into a morning ritual. Late-night snacks aren’t just cravings; they evolve into moments of indulgence, especially on personalized occasions like custom breakfast rituals and late-night delights.

This rise in niche occasions presents a unique opportunity for brands to align with and cater to consumers’ preferences.

Empowering women’s health narratives
Women’s health isn’t a sideline; it’s a central culinary conversation. Menopause support and hormone health have claimed over 100% more attention. Brands delving into this trend can tailor products to align with women’s unique health journeys.

Fusion flavors: Culinary boundaries redefined
Fusion flavors are evolving into a culinary staple. Sweet and spicy, cross-cultural fusion—innovation is the star. Desserts, in particular, become a playground for daring combinations. Picture sweet potato pies with spicy twists and Cinco de Mayo chocolate chip tacos.

Anticipating 2024: A sneak peek
As we stand on the brink of 2024, brace for a rise in ritual-centric consumption, a shift in health discussions, a focus on women’s health, and an explosion of fusion flavors. Download our starter pack or access the full report for a deeper dive into these trends.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming webinar on November 29th – we’re unveiling the complete food trends 2024 prediction report, and you won’t want to miss it.

Amidst a culinary cacophony, Tastewise offers a refined taste of insights. Hungry for more? Download the full report – your culinary journey continues.

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