Top 3 French Food and Beverage Trends

April 12, 20222 min
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To spark your appetite – here are the top 3 French food and beverage trends in early 2022:

The switch to plant-based – vegetarian Hachis Parmentier:

Hachis Parmentier is a French dish traditionally made with meat and potatoes. According to the Tastewise Index, Hachis Parmentier is seeing a massive increase of 400% in social discussions since August 21’.

Consumers are also inclined to cook Hachis Parmentier at home; as the world of food and beverage becomes more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the top rising diet claim for home-cooked Hachis Parmentier is actually vegetarian with a 38% YoY growth in interest and 20% for vegan diets.

For example, this recipe for a vegetarian Hachis Parmentier has seen 26K saves and is the second most saved recipe.


Going back to basics – a veggie ham and cheese:

Over the past couple of years, the Croque Monsieur (a traditional fried or grilled cheese and ham sandwich) has risen by 313% in social discussions; interest is predicted to rise by a further 11% across social, menus, and home cooking during the next year.


The fastest trending Croque Monsieur recipe is a vegetarian version of the traditional grilled ham and cheese sandwich – made with mushrooms. Just like the vegetarian Carbonnade, we are seeing a rise in vegetarian alternatives to traditional cuisine.

It’s cocktail o’clock somewhere – the fastest rising cocktails:

Mojitos have grown by 180% in social discussion over the past year, which positions them as the top rising beverage in the French market. Joining mojitos are piña Coladas which grew by 53% YoY, and Aperol spritz cocktails which have seen a 40% growth in social discussions over the last year.

Get inspired by the most popular mojito recipe in France with over 90K saves – which is a whopping 900% more than its runner up!


Now it’s your turn to start exploring French data… happy trend reporting!

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