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AI Pioneer Summits

Step into the future of food: The Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit, London

If you were with us in London on September 12, 2023, you already know you witnessed something groundbreaking. The Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit brought together industry giants, social media influences, and AI experts, crafting a new era for food tech.

Summit Recap

Relive The Generative AI Food Pioneers Summit

Held on June 27, 2023 in Chicago, this groundbreaking event brought together global leaders in the food and beverage industry and AI experts to explore the transformative power of generative AI.

Summit Recap

What our clients say about us

“Tastewise has been really instrumental in being able to have a greater impact across all the different projects.”

Amanda Hershon
Test Kitchen Specialist, Campbell Soup Company

“The AI tool on Tastewise has really made us more efficient and faster in identifying trends. I really enjoy the automatically-generated reports that we can do, to having ingredient information. So we’re using it and we’ll definitely use it more as we get used to having that tool.”

Dirk Vogel
Senior Marketing Specialist, Bell

“Tastewise gives me some actual data to say yes, what we think we’re seeing is on the right track, there’s something here. It also allows us to go a level deeper to understand what might be driving those trends”

Natalie Taake
Senior Innovation Manager, Kroger

“Con Tastewise, tienes todo en un solo lugar y es más fácil seguir adelante y comprobar lo que está pasando con un tema específico, si ha evolucionado, si no lo ha hecho, cómo se está relacionando con otras cosas que puedes seguir adelante y jugar y divertirte con la forma de abordar tu investigación”.

Zalma Piña 
CX Strategy Architect

“The partnership between Violife and Tastewise has been a resounding success, significantly boosting the ability to run a large-scale lead generation campaign for our foodservice business.”

Rachel Waynberg
Senior Manager, Marketing, Foodservice

”Tastewise made us smarter and more efficient across every discipline in our business from strategy and planning to content creation. It has just made our jobs easier.”

Lizzie Conlon
Innovation Manager