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Strategies for CPG companies to capitalize on low-sugar drinks

October 16, 20232 min
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Lauren Daniels Tastewise

Discover effective strategies for CPG companies to tap into the growing demand for low-sugar drinks, backed by data analysis and effective marketing techniques.

3 Strategies for CPG companies to capitalize on low-sugar drinks
Low-sugar drinks are gaining momentum, and it’s crucial for CPG companies to capitalize on this trend. Tastewise’s data-driven platform enables food and beverage businesses to innovate faster, market effectively, and grow sales in this flourishing segment. This article outlines three key strategies that CPG firms can implement to capture the low-sugar drink segment successfully.

  1. Identifying the right low-sugar drink opportunities

Understanding consumer preferences and trends is the first step toward successful product development. By leveraging data from Tastewise, CPG companies can uncover real-time insights into consumer tastes and preferences in the low-sugar beverage market. These valuable insights can guide the development of new product lines or the repositioning of existing products. Some potential low-sugar drink opportunities include:

Functional low-sugar drinks: Beverages that offer added health benefits, such as energy boosts, relaxation, or immunity support, are gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers. Combining these functional benefits with low-sugar content can create a compelling product offering.

Alternative sweeteners: Natural and alternative sweeteners, such as stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit, can help CPG companies develop low-sugar drinks without compromising taste. Understanding the consumer perception of these sweeteners is essential to successful product development.

Niche market segments: Catering to specific dietary requirements or preferences, such as low-sugar drinks for diabetics or those on keto diets, can provide a competitive edge.

  1. Crafting a compelling marketing strategy

Effective CPG marketing and promotion are crucial in increasing consumer awareness and driving sales of low-sugar drinks. CPG companies should focus on these key aspects when crafting a marketing strategy:

Promote health benefits: Emphasize the health benefits of low-sugar drinks, such as reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and other health complications. This can be achieved through informative packaging, compelling visuals, and targeted messaging.

Engage with influencers: Partner with influencers who advocate for healthy living, fitness, or specific dietary lifestyles to promote low-sugar beverages. This will enhance brand credibility and increase consumer trust.

Utilize data-driven marketing: By understanding consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors using platforms like Tastewise, CPG companies can create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that appeal to the right audience segments.

  1. Optimizing distribution and retail strategies

Ensuring the availability of low-sugar beverages in relevant retail channels is essential for success in this growing market. Consider the following strategies to optimize distribution and retail presence:

Collaborate with health-focused retailers: Partner with health food stores and organic grocery chains that cater to health-conscious consumers to maximize product visibility and reach.

Leverage online sales channels: Utilize platforms like Amazon and other e-commerce sites to create an online presence, allowing for extensive consumer access and convenience.

In-store promotions: Take advantage of in-store promotions and targeted displays of low-sugar beverages at the point of purchase to drive impulse buys.

Succeed in the low-sugar drink market with strong data-driven strategies
To establish a strong presence in the low-sugar beverage segment, CPG companies must adopt a data-driven approach to product development, marketing, and distribution. Tastewise’s platform is an invaluable tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry to harness data insights and drive sales growth.

By understanding consumer preferences, crafting compelling marketing strategies, and optimizing retail and distribution channels, CPG companies can effectively capitalize on the growing demand for low-sugar drinks and achieve long-term success in this rapidly evolving market.

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