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How Stephan & Brady back their strategic marketing with real-time consumer data

March 20, 20222 min
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Lauren Daniels Tastewise

How does S/B Strategic Marketing use Tastewise to uncover real-time insights into the consumer behavior that matters most to their clients?

The Challenge:

As a strategic marketing agency, Stephan & Brady (S/B) needed:

  • A faster way to do food and beverage trend research
  • To make more strategic campaign decisions
  • To back up client pitches with easily understood, real-time data when presenting new campaigns
  • To identify opportunities in the food and beverage industry that will lead to successful marketing campaigns
  • To understand the consumer needs and motivations behind what people put on their plates, what they order, and how they cook

The Solution:

S/B uses Tastewise to:

  • Enhance the agency’s research abilities – Using Tastewise, Stephen & Brady are now able to be much more efficient with their research and find actionable insights faster.
  • Be a data-driven marketing firm – Backing every decision, idea, recipe, marketing pitch, or client communication with real-time consumer data positions Stephen & Brady as industry leaders.
  • Create winning marketing strategies – Stephan & Brady use Tastewise to get inspired and find innovative ideas for new marketing campaigns, content, and social media strategies for their clients.

The Impact:

Before Tastewise, S/B spent a lot of time and effort on market research to create exciting recipes, content, and social media posts for their food and beverage industry clients. Using Tastewise, the agency is moving forward with:

  • Smarter long and short term planning – S/B are able to create long term and short term campaigns, content calendars, and marketing creative deliverables that drive success for their clients
  • Faster, more successful campaigns – The agency now saves valuable time on research by using Tastewise to access real-time consumer insights quicker

The Bottom Line:

Tastewise has helped us move forward a lot, more quickly and efficiently, and made us better and smarter all around.

-Mckenna Sokol, Senior Account Executive, Stephan and Brady

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