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How Freshly goes to market 10x faster with Tastewise

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How Freshly goes to market 10x faster with Tastewise
Case Study

How Freshly goes to market 10x faster with Tastewise

March 31st, 2021
1 Min
Miriam Aniel

Miriam Aniel

Content & Research, Tastewise

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Learn how Freshly uses Tastewise food intelligence to go to market faster with successful new meals!

Freshly’s Challenge:

As a delivery service providing fresh, chef-prepared meals to homes across the US, Freshly needs to adapt quickly to changing tastes.

  • How can they create and position new products to excite and involve consumers?
  • How can they bring new concepts to market that are relevant to today’s consumers, fast?
  • How can they streamline their research process to unveil promising concepts, backed by more than anecdotal evidence?

The Solution - Freshly uses Tastewise to:

  • Identify trending flavors and ingredients for delivery concepts based on home cooking and restaurant trends.
  • Save time on internal decision making by removing guesswork, and elevating validated concepts with real-time consumer behavior data.
  • Determine successful naming strategies for new dishes based on consumer engagement data.
  • Freshly launched two successful dishes - Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie and Golden Chicken with Apricots - rooted in popular consumer motivations. Freshly used Tastewise to research consumer comfort foods and relationships to global cuisines, like African and Middle Eastern, to guide new dish development.

“The success of the dish was in large part due to Tastewise insights and being able to use the tool to find a balance between newer flavors/ingredients and sides, flavors, ingredients that we could pair with them that would make the dish more approachable. Now, what used to take 3 days of painstaking research takes 3 hours of data-driven analysis.” - Rachel Waynberg, Meal Innovation at Freshly

The Impact:

Before Tastewise, new product development depended on gut-feelings and moments of inspiration, and developing innovative meals - that are also successful, was hard. Today:

  • What used to take 3 days of research takes 3 hours.
  • The Golden Chicken dish is one of the first meals to introduce international flavors while still being incredibly successful
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