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How Del Monte created a successful, data-driven brand & increased sales with Tastewise

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How Del Monte created a successful, data-driven brand & increased sales with Tastewise

How Del Monte created a successful, data-driven brand & increased sales with Tastewise

The category team at Del Monte faces a unique challenge: it’s hard to innovate a banana. When you can’t iterate on the product, it all comes down to marketing. Del Monte is already an expert in produce harvesting, logistics, etc. but is facing a new opportunity: the need to create great new brands that bring consumers to their produce. How can they create branding that differentiates their banana from their competitors’?

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Miriam Aniel

Miriam Aniel

Content & Research, Tastewise

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To make matters more complicated, the category of bananas had seen a significant drop in retail sales and consumer interaction. Del Monte needed to find a way to reinvigorate the category, given steep competition from two primary competitors in the market and the rise of more specialty fruits, like super fruits, creating distraction from historically well-established categories -- like bananas.

The Challenge:

Del Monte's category team needed to:

  • Create an impactful brand to get bananas in front of customers after lagging sales
  • Introduce new marketing angles for produce in an oversaturated market
  • Back up their retail research with real-time consumer data

The Solution:

The solution in differentiating produce is to have a story that adds value to the actual ingredient (in this case, a banana). Typically, Del Monte relied on static retail data; today, they’ve also introduced Tastewise to understand what is happening in customer consumption and menu presence.

Using Tastewise, the team:

  • Validated retail insights into declining banana engagement, using consumer data from social media & recipes
  • Created new innovation processes to get accurate insights, fast - crucial for the produce category
  • Created a successful banana brand focused on fair trade, reinvigorating a stagnant category to increasing sales

The team used Tastewise to complement and reinforce insights they pulled from retail: that bananas were losing share across the board with consumers and losing traction to more popular, "trendy" fruits. This validation was the starting point needed to create a new, compelling story that would “bring bananas back to the minds of consumers”.

This story resulted in a successful campaign introducing Del Monte's new organic banana line, which in turn increased sales of the product and brought interest back to the category.

The Impact:

The Del Monte team is now able to:

  • Approach innovation more effectively, with faster time to insight
  • Use a data-driven approach for decision making
  • Stand out from competitors with unique, validated market positioning
  • Quickly identify and validate market white spaces within produce categories
  • Create campaigns that speak directly to consumers

The Bottom Line:

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 1.20.03 PM.png


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