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How is the Cocktail Kit Trend Shaking up the Industry?

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Everyone’s a Mixologist in Quarantine

Bars, pubs, clubs and some restaurants remain shuttered for public health. With typical drinking experiences unavailable in the US, a $74B opportunity is wide open. Innovative food service and CPG players have created an interesting new trend: cocktail kits. 


With meal kits well-established in the arena (and growing: meal kits are up +511% in popularity), cocktail kits are the next big movers-and-shakers in the space. Read on for 5 sip-sized insights into the trend, then download the full report at the link below. 




  • As people have more time to devote to culinary creations, the appeal of handmade cocktails – shareable, elevated, and reminiscent of their favorite bars and restaurants in better days – is hard to resist. The trend is far more than a temporary fad; it’s already +45% more popular than the previous star of the kit scene, bake-at-home pizza kits, and growing. 


  • Since March, we’ve seen an +816% growth in conversations about delivery from bars, but only 1.4% are currently offering cocktail kits; bars must consider the trend as a potentially lucrative part of their strategy during COVID-19. 


  • Margarita kits are up a whopping +4,561% in interest; Bloody Marys and Mimosas aren’t far behind. Local bars are adding their own spin to these staple drinks, and are offering artisanal versions highlighting local ingredients. 


  • How can CPGs tap into a food-service heavy trend? Consider innovative food pairings to match your demographic’s preferred cocktail. Lasagna and seafood are two of the trendiest cocktail pairings for at-home eaters and drinkers; what brings them to the table will surprise you. 


  • Marketing strategies will benefit from understanding what drives consumers to cocktail kits over time – in March 2020, ‘comfort’ is one of the driving motivations. 


Curious to learn more about this promising trend? Ready to shake up your product, marketing, and sales strategies?  Download the report to learn more. 



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