What are the latest trends in the on-the-go food & beverage space?

Grabbing a granola bar for breakfast on the way to work switched to homemade breakfasts before a Zoom call, and the way people share food with others suddenly looked very different. Now, as people begin to emerge from their pandemic-era lifestyles and newly have places to go, ‘on-the-go’ takes on a new character. What do consumers expect from on-the-go food and beverage right now?

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What does on-the-go food & beverage look like today?

Interest in on-the-go food and beverage has grown 11% in the past 2 years. The last year has seen the majority of that growth; a trend that was overall declining saw an unexpected boost during the early pandemic that has continued today. March ‘20, the start of the pandemic shutdowns, through March ‘21 saw a 24% increase in the category. Today’s interest in on-the-go foods outpaces interest in beverages by more than double.