Code of Conduct and Business Standards

Last update: February 2024

Tastewise is committed to ethical business practices, and we expect our suppliers and business partners to comply with the same standards and apply the same to their suppliers and business partners. These standards reflect our internal values and the expectations from you. We find that business relationships are more productive and effective when they are built on trust, mutual respect and common values, and seek relationships with entities who share a common commitment to such values.

Compliance with Law, Rules and Regulations

We expect you to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and ethical standards of the country in which you operate, as well as these standards.


Offering or receiving anything of value to obtain or retain business, an improper advantage, or favored treatment from any third party (including Government Officials), or any other person with whom you or Tastewise is doing business, or is expected to be doing business, is strictly prohibited. You are expected to keep accurate and transparent records that reflect actual transactions and payments and not to participate in any corrupt, unethical or illegal practices.

More specifically, you are required to avoid offering, providing or reimbursing to any personal gifts, favors, personal travel expenses, lodging or other housing, services of any kind, excessive meals or entertainment, or any other thing of value to Tastewise’s employees and personnel that might influence, or appear to influence, a Tastewise’s personnel’s decision in relation to Tastewise’s business with you, and are required to refrain from doing the same with your suppliers and business partners.

Conflict of Interest

You are expected to cause your personnel to refrain from placing themselves in a position that may lead to an actual or perceived conflict of interest with your interests or with Tastewise’s interests. Personnel in a position of conflict of interest must report such conflict and a procedure must be in place to handle such a situation.

Confidentiality and Security

All information about Tastewise and its operations, products and personnel obtained as a consequence of relationship with Tastewise which you have reason to believe is not publicly known, or which Tastewise seeks to protect as confidential or proprietary, or which might be of use to competitors or harmful to Tastewise or its customers, should be treated confidentially and not be disclosed.  We expect you to comply with applicable security and privacy laws, regulations and retention requirements, and to ensure that you have appropriate technical and security controls in place to protect our information. Any non-public information obtained as a consequence of relationship with Tastewise shall not be used for your benefit, your personnel’s benefit or for the benefit of any other person.

Intellectual Property

You must respect our (and any other person’s) intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights are to be respected and unauthorized transfer of technology and know-how is strictly prohibited.


The privacy of our employees, customers and others whose personal information you have access to, must be adequately protected by complying with local and applicable international laws. When collecting personal information of Tastewise, its customers or any other person on Tastewise’s behalf, you must collect such information only following express approval and instructions from Tastewise, for legitimate business purposes, share only with those who are allowed access, protect in accordance with security policies, retain only for as long as necessary, and contractually obligate third parties with access to personal information to protect it.

Trade Controls

You must comply with all applicable import and export controls, sanctions, and other trade compliance laws of the United States and other laws of the applicable country(ies) where the transaction(s) occur(s).

Fair Competition and Fair Play

You are expected to uphold standards for fair business practices including accurate and truthful advertising and fair competition. You must not take advantage of anyone through unfair manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information or misrepresentation of material facts.

Environment, Health and Safety

We expect you to provide to your personnel a safe and healthy working environment that complies with local laws and minimizes occupational hazards. We encourage you to operate in full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and work to minimize your use of natural resources and any negative impact your operation may have on the environment.

Human Capital and Workplace Responsibilities

You are expected to: (i) treat all your personnel with dignity and respect; (ii) comply with all applicable employment laws and regulations, including statutes prohibiting discrimination in the workplace; (iii) not engage in any form of human trafficking, procure commercial sex acts or use forced labor; (iv) maintain a workplace free from harassment and discrimination; (v) not treat or threaten to treat an individual harshly or inhumanely; (vi) not employ or use underage labor in the production of your goods or services; and (vii) maintain a code of ethics that your personnel understand and follow.

Equal Opportunity and No Discrimination

We expect you to embrace differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, race, disability, age and diversity and avoid discrimination in your ongoing business operation.

No Harassment or Abusive Behavior

You are expected to maintain a pleasant and respectful working environment free of harassment and threats. Sexual harassment of any kind shall not be tolerated.

Monitoring and Compliance

Tastewise may engage in monitoring activities to confirm your compliance to these standards, including on-site assessments of facilities (upon coordination and up to once per annum), use of questionnaires, review of available information or other measures necessary to review your adherence with these business standards.

Tastewise may disqualify any potential supplier or business partner or terminate any relationship with such parties in case of material failure to adhere to these standards.