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2021 Delivery Snapshot: UK

May 25, 20212 min
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Lauren Daniels Tastewise

The last year and a half has seen incredible changes in the delivery space. What does the current state of digitalized delivery look like in the UK as the pandemic begins to changes shape?

What’s going on with delivery in the UK?

UberEats. Deliveroo. Just Eat. The UK’s top delivery platforms have become household names in the last year and a half. Where does delivery on these platforms stand now, as pandemic-era restrictions begin to ease?

Consumer interest in delivery grew significantly at the start of the pandemic shut downs, and has stabilized at a higher rate than pre-pandemic – indicating continued relevance post-pandemic. Today’s interest in delivered food & beverage in the UK is 228% higher than in Feb ‘19.

What does the geographic breakdown of delivery availability look like across the UK?


delivery penetration uk .png

How can restaurant sales teams take advantage of this delivery landscape?

Look for digital dexterity: Restaurants on at least two delivery platforms likely don’t have an exclusivity contract with any one platform, and present opportunities to expand to additional platforms.

Which cities across the UK have the highest percentage of restaurants already on 2 delivery platforms?

Tip: Restaurant salespeople, approach locations in your area on two delivery platforms with expansion opportunities for your product. If your product is only on one of their platforms, bring to your partner’s attention how they can benefit from additional offerings on the second: an easy win for both you and your restaurant partner.

Searching for potential partners for your virtual restaurant concept?

Look at cities with high penetrations of restaurants that serve on all 3 major UK delivery platforms, and have at least a 4 star delivery rating. Why? Availability on all three major delivery platforms indicates that the restaurant’s digital and delivery infrastructures are already well-established; a high delivery rating means that consumers already trust the establishment. Consider partnering with these restaurants to share a kitchen, and bring your virtual restaurant concept into the market.

What does the distribution of viable virtual restaurant partner locations look like across the UK?

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