Introducing Bestsellers: Unveiling new insights into consumer food trends on Tastewise

July 6, 20232 min
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Tastewise, the leading platform for real-time food intelligence, continues to revolutionize how businesses understand and capitalize on consumer preferences. With the recent launch of the ‘Bestsellers’ tool, Tastewise has taken a significant stride towards providing the industry with unprecedented access to consumer purchasing behavior in away-from-home contexts.

What is the Bestsellers tool?

The Bestsellers tool on Tastewise provides users with a curated selection of dishes that have received the highest rankings on delivery platforms. By accessing the tool, users can view the bestselling menu items and gain valuable insights into consumer preferences. To explore these popular dishes, users can enter their desired consumption moments, navigate to the “On the menu” tab, and select their preferred category and query.



View the bestselling menu items, enter Consumption Moments, and click on the “On the menu” tab.

After selecting your category and query, filter “bestselling” to review relevant menu items.

Key takeaways from the introduction of Bestsellers on the Tastewise platform:

  • Unprecedented access to away-from-home purchasing behavior
  • Invaluable insights into consumer ordering habits
  • Holistic market view
  • Individual item rankings
  • Opportunities for brand partnerships and collaborations
  • Menu planning and refining offerings
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Optimizing pricing strategies

Unlike any other resource available, Bestsellers offers Tastewise users an exclusive opportunity to investigate the world of consumer ordering habits, both on delivery platforms and in restaurants. Until now, the ability to examine home consumption through delivery services has remained elusive. However, with this tool, Tastewise users gain invaluable insights into the items people are buying when they order food from the comfort of their homes.

What sets Bestsellers apart is its ability to provide a holistic, category-based market view. By analyzing popular delivery items, Tastewise users can gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences and demands. This unprecedented comprehension of the food service industry allows us an inside look into consumer behavior across dining contexts. This foresight is even more powerful when one considers that the majority of food trends begin in the foodservice sector before rippling into other sectors. This in-depth view empowers businesses to create products and pairings that not only offer better value but also entice consumers based on their current purchasing behavior.

The core functionality of Bestsellers lies in its ability to display individual item rankings. With this feature, food and beverage companies can identify the most sought-after products and craft marketing strategies around them. Additionally, by leveraging recipe and item rankings, organizations can create enticing product pairings that cater to consumer desires and preferences.

According to Ilana Ryder Schnytzer, Product Marketing Director of Tastewise: “Bestsellers has the power to improve overall customer satisfaction by offering bestselling items that customers already love and enjoy. In fact, it can revolutionize your decision-making processes in menu planning, product development, and promotional strategies.” Businesses can now create exciting opportunities for brand partnerships and collaborations. By identifying complementary brands or products that align with their offerings, companies can innovate cross-promotional campaigns and co-branded offerings that captivate consumers’ attention. Using the insights provided by Bestsellers, businesses can inform their marketing efforts by identifying similar attributes or flavors in their own product campaigns, ensuring they resonate better with consumer preferences. This powerful tool opens up a world of possibilities for strategic collaborations and enables businesses to forge meaningful connections with their target audience.

However, the benefits of Bestsellers extend beyond just product development. Restaurants can leverage these insights to adjust their menu offerings and capitalize on relevant consumer food trends. By staying attuned to the latest preferences, establishments can refine their offerings to cater to the ever-evolving tastes of their patrons. Moreover, Bestsellers provides a snapshot of what their competitors are doing, enabling them to make informed decisions in a highly competitive landscape.

With the introduction of Bestsellers on the Tastewise platform, food and beverage companies can compare their own product offerings with the bestselling items in the market, providing a valuable assessment of their competitive position. By analyzing the rankings and popularity of items, companies can gauge how well their products are performing against consumer favorites. This invaluable information allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and refine their offerings. They can make data-driven decisions to optimize their product portfolio and ensure they are effectively meeting consumer demands and preferences. Understanding where they stand in relation to the bestselling items empowers companies to fine-tune their strategies and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic culinary landscape.

In today’s sensitive economy, pricing plays a pivotal role in consumer decision making. Bestsellers equips Tastewise users with the ability to be more aware of product pricing dynamics. Not only can businesses identify the bestselling items, but they can also understand at what price point these items are thriving. This invaluable information helps companies optimize their pricing strategies, ensuring their products are competitively positioned in the market.

The launch of Bestsellers on the Tastewise platform signifies a remarkable breakthrough in the industry’s access to sales data and consumer insights. By unlocking the power of real-time information, Tastewise empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, create innovative products and pairings, adapt to changing consumer trends, and stay ahead of the competition. With Bestsellers, Tastewise users can truly understand what consumers want and leverage this knowledge to drive success in the dynamic culinary landscape.

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