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Eating Local During COVID-19

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The New Meaning of Eating Local

This March, COVID-19 is having significant influence on the trend of “eating local”. Consumer interest in local food and beverage is up +56% MoM, and we expect that number to continue to rise dramatically despite the closures of restaurants nationwide.



What does the trend tell us about changing consumer preferences? Read on for a quick look at what consumers prioritize during this time, and download the full spotlight to understand where your business fits into the changing landscape. 


  • Supporting local restaurants and farmers, pick-up, and delivery are exploding in popularity as consumers feel the impact of COVID-19. Pre-pandemic, motivations related personal and planetary health were the main drivers behind the popularity of eating local; today, those leading motivations have changed.


  • Consumers turn to the familiar. People are abandoning formerly popular health motivations for what is familiar and available; classic American cuisine staples are of particular interest. 


  • But consumers don’t stop there; home recipes show that people are mixing things up at home. Highly trending recipes reinvent mainstream dishes, as popular categories for delivery get a twist in consumer kitchens. 


Need to know how to tap into this time-sensitive white space?



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