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Discover the new trends lighting up US, UK and AUS restaurants.

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In this report:

  • Move over burgers and fries, American palates are setting their sights on classic Indian curries and biryanis, alongside trendy bites like chicken 65 and samosa chaat.
  • Korean corn dogs and Ethiopian doro wot are spicing up menus across the pond, reflecting a growing interest in Korean and African cuisine.
  • Filipino flavors are taking center stage Down Under, with adobo, ube, and calamansi leading the charge.


US Craves: Curry & Latin Flavors

Latin America on the Rise

Look beyond tacos! Dominican, Venezuelan, and Puerto Rican flavors are growing in US restaurants, showcasing the diversity of Latin American cuisine.

Indian Gets Modern

Chicken tikka masala isn’t the only option anymore. Spicy chicken 65 and savory bread pakora spice Indian menus, reflect a desire for more adventurous dishes.

Sancocho Simmers into Mainstream

Dominican sancocho, a hearty stew, is bubbling over to non-Dominican menus. Health food chains are testing it, indicating wider appeal for this international comfort food.

Korean Craze Hits UK

Korean BBQ remains a favorite, but the Korean corn dog is the star, showing a massive 462% surge in popularity. Brits are embracing bold Korean flavors!

Global Gastronomy Goes Beyond Europe

Look out for more than just European fare. African and Middle Eastern restaurants are spicing up the UK scene, with Nigerian, Ethiopian, and Afghan cuisines rising. Diners are craving global adventures.

Price Pain at Popular Eats

Brace yourself for pricier burgers, soups, salads, and even pizzas. Domino’s pizzas have risen over 10% in just two years. Diners may need to adapt their budgets.

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Korean and African flavors take over UK kitchens



Filipino Flavors Fly

Aussie Asian Invasion

Southeast Asian flavors surge, fueled by proximity and immigration. Thai & Vietnamese classics reign, while Filipino, Indonesian & Malaysian options rise.

South Asia’s Deep Dive

Beyond Indian! Regional cuisines from Nepal, Sri Lanka & Pakistan emerge, offering adventurous diners a taste of discovery.

Filipino Finds Its Flavor

Adobo & Halo-Halo lead the charge as Filipino cuisine tempts Australian palates with Ube & Calamansi.

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