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roll Growth Over Time How roll has risen or fallen in popularity over the past year
Jul '18Aug '18Sep '18Oct '18Nov '18Dec '18Jan '19Feb '19Mar '19Apr '19May '19Jun '19Jul '19Aug '1900.250.50.7511.251.51.75
Year Over Year
Roll growth or decline vs one year ago
Yearly Eating Frequency
Average yearly consumption of roll per consumer
The percentage of the average American diet that roll represents Share of Plate
The popularity of roll at home vs at restaurants. The dashed black line represents the breakdown of the industry average Eating In VS. Eating Out
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Innovation Analysis
The most popular ingredients, flavors, and variations for roll, as well as the food and beverage combinations trending and fading over the past year
Diets & Traits Why people choose this dish, and how it performed in various popular diets over the past year
Diets Over Time The dietary references with roll over time
Aug '18Sep '18Oct '18Nov '18Dec '18Jan '19Feb '19Mar '19Apr '19May '19Jun '19Jul '19Aug '1900.511.522.533.544.555.566.577.5
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • gluten free
  • clean eating
Top Motivators The leading reasons consumers choose roll compared to all other dishes
Restaurant Analysis A look at the most popular roll dishes served in restaurants, their price points, and popularity
roll Pricing Analysis Average price of roll across the variously priced restaurants, from cheapest to most expensive
Restaurant Penetration Percentage of restaurants that serve roll
Cuisine Penetration The most popular restaurant cuisine to feature roll
sushi restaurant
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Dish Count Per Menu The average number of roll variations on a restaurant's menu
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