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Rise and Shine: Breakfast Trends in 2020

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How Has Breakfast Changed in 2020? 

Americans are making more breakfast – the most important meal of the day is up +13% YoY in popularity among consumers. But what is the source of their inspiration? 


Tastewise AI, together with the Dairy Alliance, took a look at the biggest breakfast trends across the food and beverage industry; read on for 4 sneak peaks at our findings, then download the full report at the link below. 




  • We’re seeing a +291% YoY increase in the popularity of breakfast meal kits; the major lifestyle changes induced by the COVID-19 pandemic have influenced many areas of food and beverage, and breakfast is not exempt. 


  • Similarly, to-go breakfasts are up +154% YoY in popularity as daily consumer habits have changed. How can fast food restaurants find momentum in this moment.


  • Vegan and plant-based motivations are in decline for breakfast (-8% & -2% among consumers, respectively). However, interest in plant-based Beyond Meat is up a significant +222% for breakfast. The reason has to do with nutrition…


  • Consumer nutritional demands are increasing; marketers would do well to highlight specific nutritional benefits of their products in accessible language to find their products on more breakfast tables. 


With the right real-time consumer insights, CPG and food service brands can address their consumers’ changes needs. Are you ready to create the next big breakfast trend? Download the report to learn more. 



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