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  • Tap into new and emerging culinary trends
  • Create unlimited marketing content for 14 days
  • Ideate new product concepts with TasteGPT

Harness AI-powered insights from real-world consumer behavior to fuel innovation, refine concepts, and sharpen your marketing, innovation and sales strategies.

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Innovate x2 faster than the competition

Everything you need to master consumer surveys, leverage market insights and create culinary content

AI Survey Agency

Get 1 free, tailor made industry survey based on observed consumer behavior.

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Content Agency

Create unlimited culinary content, including blogs and recipes for free for 14 days.

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Trend Spotlight

Get a view to the latest and emerging trends happening in food and beverage.

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Leverage TasteGPT, the industry’s most advanced AI model for real time insights

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Category Dashboards

Harness industry insights on the latest opportunities for your specific category.

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Food Intelligence

Tap into social, menu, retail and recipe data for informed innovation and executions.

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Why leading CPG brands choose Tastewise

Increased time to insights

Rely on expert food and beverage insights powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence

Improved collaboration and productivity

Share marketing, concept and research insights across your organization effortlessly

Fewer post launch iterations

Execute with confidence thanks to data backed decisions from concept to product

Higher project capacity

Maximise your output and meet your KPIs with GenAI embedded in your processes

Join the AI revolution for food and beverage

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