Make data the hero ingredient

Today's consumers want healthy, sustainable, and delicious food. See how the Tastewise platform can help you develop, market and sell products that meet and exceed consumer demand. The Tastewise AI engine processes billions of data points across recipes, social media, and menus to provide the information you need to get close to consumers.

The world's leading brands use Tastewise to:

  • Cut down market research from weeks to hours
  • Analyze diet, ingredient, and dish trends (even if you're not an analyst!)
  • Segment consumer audiences for marketing campaigns
  • Identify foodservice sales opportunities

Eliminate guesswork. See what food intelligence can do for you


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Trusted by the industries top brands


With partners in digital transformation like Tastewise, we are able to deliver innovative opportunities that surprise and delight our consumers, creating more smiles with every sip and every bite.

Ramon Laguarta


Meal Innovation

Before Tastewise we just guessed or spent enormous amounts of time researching anywhere they could think of. Without Tastewise we wouldn't be able to do half the analyses or get the insights we can now get.

Rachel Waynberg

Meal Innovation

Director, Culinary Innovation Hub

Our team is using Tastewise to identify beverage and cooking trends and bring them to life in product and recipe innovation. We've had really great success stories!

Maria Gamble

Director, Culinary Innovation Hub

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