Accelerate Sales with Data-Driven Insights

Prioritize sales leads. Strengthen industry relationships.

Empower sales teams with the right food & beverage insights.

What Can The Tastewise Sales Solution Do For You?

Move First


Quickly discover new independent restaurant leads and openings from the inception phase. 


Understand market gaps by location.

Get Organized

Prioritize sales leads with deep learning insights, powered by cutting-edge AI.


Cut to the chase with streamlined reports, detailing your market advantages.

Accelerate Sales

Provide sales teams with dynamic, bespoke sales content.


Enhance your sales pitch to tell the right story to the right audience, using real-time industry insights.

Fill the Gap

Identify up-sell opportunities for your clients; analyze the market to understand what products appear where (and why!).

The New Frontier of Sales

Bringing Real-Time Data to the Art of Relationship Building

In the next two years, $200-$300 billion is going to change hands within the $1.5 trillion food & beverage industry. Restaurants will reopen under new management, supplier contracts will be renegotiated, and relationship building will be at the forefront of venture success.

That’s a lot of new industry players who are going to need help establishing themselves in a competitive industry. The Tastewise solution for sales can help you to help them find the right footing in a rapidly changing industry.

Successful food and beverage sales already depend on the finesse of sales teams (and the company behind them!) to tell the right story to the right people. Use Tastewise insights to bolster your efforts, and take your strategy to the next level.


projected revenue in the US food & beverages segment in 2020


of restaurant traffic is now off-premise due to COVID-19, demonstrating the resilience of the food & beverage industry


of corporate executives use Big Data projects to build a competitive edge

Unprecedented Access to the Insights You Need

The Tastewise sales solution generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the needs of sales teams across food and beverage segments.

Trend Synthesis Database


Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending products and applications.

Insight Drill-Downs


Use our trend filtering tools to access bespoke audience and competitor insights, tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

Consumer Connection


Uncover the “why” behind the biggest trends driving the industry and create short and long-term strategies that speak directly to your clients. 

Time Saver


With easy-to-use reportsthe Tastewise solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything you need to know about white space opportunities – quickly.

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