Imagine your beverage brand on 1M+ Menus

One million restaurants means more than one million opportunities. With Tastewise's On-Premise Brand Comparison, brands can see how their distribution compares against their competitors' across all restaurants in the US - and where opportunities exist for new business.

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Strategize your on-premise sales

Generate competitive intelligence from on-premise brands, and sell more drinks based on the latest data. Bonus? Make killer marketing campaigns based on your competitive landscape to make things a breeze for your sales teams.

Where are you winning more distribution share?

Use real-time data from millions of menus to understand in what locations and contexts your brand is outperforming your competitors'.

Where is your competition gaining more share?

Analyze where your competitors are more established, and create a plan for your distribution share.

Who are the brands you're losing to?

Identify the brands that offer the fiercest competition to your products on menus, and respond in the areas where you'll have the biggest impact.

What should you be doing differently?

Make strategic decisions driven by data, and bring clarity to your next business move.

Contextualize your brand presence in food service

Contextualize your brand presence in food service

View your total addressable market based on your brand’s performance today, and win more market share tomorrow in the context that is strongest for your brand.

Respond to your competitors’ geographic strengths & weaknesses

Respond to your competitors’ geographic strengths & weaknesses

Create a map of locations where your sales teams can generate the most impact in your category, and strategically plan your sales motions for this quarter.

Drive strategic sales initiatives, smarter

Drive strategic sales initiatives, smarter

Make smarter strategic sales decisions based on ongoing changes in pricing, brand presence, and more, and prioritize your sales teams' time in the areas with the biggest potential.

See how your brand stacks up against your competitors
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