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Create the next viral product for your consumers.

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What Can Tastewise Product Innovation Insights Do for You?

Become the Expert

Track holistic trend lifecycles from origin through evolution in at-home or away-from home food experiences.

Uncover Opportunities

Spot emerging ingredients in both home and restaurant cooking to drive innovative products; identify trending pairings to expand reach.

Innovate Smarter

Develop innovative products based on emerging ingredients and trends, both in the home and at restaurants.

Accelerate Development

Have the data you need already in pocket for successful pitches – both internally and with partners.

Save time with an easy-to-use solution.

Product Innovation Meets AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Case Study: Functional Foods

Successful R&D teams know that the discovery of novel foods and beverages that tie health and functional ingredients with consumer trends and desires is a top priority.


Do you understand the complex connections between consumer motivations, demands, and perceptions – and product success?

Functional Food Report Cover

~1 yr

average timeline for bringing a product to market for more than 65% of R&D teams


of new CPG products fail


of corporate executives use Big Data projects to build a competitive edge

Make the Right Products

The Tastewise solution for product innovation generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the needs of R&D departments across the food and beverage industry.

Trend Synthesis Database


Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending ingredients, products, and pairings. 

Product Drill-Down


Sort products and dishes to your needs – in both restaurant and home – to understand fast-trending consumer tastes in your segment.

Get Inspired


Uncover the “why” behind the biggest trends driving the industry and create products that speak directly to your consumers. 

Time Saver


With easy-to-use reportsthe Tastewise solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything you need to know about food & beverage trends – quickly.

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