The Tastewise platform
Tastewise is a decision-making platform used by consumer insights, marketing, sales and innovation teams to make fast and accurate decisions that move their brands forward.
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Restaurants and delivery menus
New product development

Trend Spotlight - Free Custom Reporting

Explore trends, analytics and statistics for any ingredient, flavor, dish, category or consumer need.
  • Get a high-level view of the top food and beverage trends
  • Find actionable insights to grow your brand in 3 clicks
  • Get an understanding of how your concept performs in both consumer kitchens and the market
  • Create and download trend reports you can easily share with your team
  • Get free access to trends around the world and compare different results across markets

Insights and Analytics Suite

New Product Development
Get to the insights relevant to your category faster and push innovation decisions forward in just a few clicks.
  • Discover and validate the impactful ingredients, dishes, and consumer needs you didn’t know to look for
  • Easily determine the best fit for your innovation projects, marketing campaigns or sales strategies
  • Get your new products on the shelves and into peoples kitchens quicker
  • Base your innovation ideas on real-time data updated daily
New Product Development
The complete Tastewise analytics tool.
  • Develop, market, and grow your F&B business by analyzing and extracting deep consumer insights
  • Use highly flexible and customizable research capabilities, backed by up to 2 years of valuable data
  • Explore dozens of F&B specific search claims, datasets, and audiences
  • 10 highly informative data views for Sales, Marketing, and NPD to help you discover dominating consumer motivations, compare flavors, analyze pricing, and more

Tastewise for Foodservice Sales

Explore and evaluate restaurant prospects in the Tastewise database, updated weekly, according to your personalized filters.
  • Get access to over 4M full menus across 7 different markets
  • Track price changes and the impact inflation has on your market
  • The industry’s only platform to track all major delivery services
  • Get highly-targeted lists of restaurants that need your products based on cuisine, menu changes, and delivery information
  • Reach targeted lead lists from over a million global restaurants and chains
  • Use over 16 different data filters to drill down into your specific market by the audience, location, cuisine, menu changes, and more.
The time to build the future of food is now.
The time to build the future of food is now.

The way we eat and drink is intrinsically linked to our way of life. It impacts our own health and the health of the planet.

Many years ago, food manufacturers and retailers held the power when it came to what we put on our plates. Over time, as consumers became more educated and more demanding, the power shifted.

Today we know that if we want people and businesses and thrive, the things we eat and drink must change. And that change is here.

The time to build the future of food is now.

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