“What are the latest trends for moms?”
Interest in healthy, slow-cooked dishes is up 62% YoY among moms

Food & beverage marketing innovation, powered by your consumers

Craft marketing strategies that rely on insights into your actual consumers, at the moments they cook, order and eat.


projected market volume of the food and beverage market by 2024


food and beverage industry revenue growth in 2020


of corporate executives use Big Data projects to build a competitive edge

Create the messaging your consumer is hungry for

Tastewise fuses billions of data points across social media, recipes, and menus to bring you real-time insights on what your consumers are looking for today, and will look for tomorrow. Find the perfect gap that the right product with a tailored marketing strategy can fill.

Content Marketing

Recipes and diet related content are eating the internet. Our AI engine is constantly scouring the web and reports on what people are actually cooking, and predicts what they’ll be looking for tomorrow. With Tastewise, your content calendar will be filled to the brim with impactful projects.

Audience Insights

The key to effective marketing is understanding your audience. What motivates them to cook, order, and eat the way they do? Tap into the moment of consumption and discover trends and claims that resonate most deeply with your audience.

Strategy Validation

Never walk into a meeting again without beautiful data to back up your strategy. Validate your go-to-market ideas with insights that align to your product lines, including inspiration, examples, and competitive tracking.

Why Tastewise?
The Tastewise flavor solution generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the needs of flavor developers across food and beverage segments.

Trend Synthesis Database

Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending flavors and applications.

Ingredient Drill-Down

Sort flavors by trending ingredients in both restaurant and home to see fast-trending new flavors.

Consumer Connection

Uncover the “why” behind the trends driving the industry and create a long-term strategy that speaks directly to your consumers.

Time Saver

With easy-to-use reports, our flavor solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything about flavor trends – quickly.
Transform your food

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