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Create data-driven marketing strategies that speak to your

consumers’ needs, motivations, and preferences – now and tomorrow.

What Can Tastewise AI Insights Do for You?

Enrich Your Content

Create the most viral recipes for your food brand, based on top category and competitor content.

Elevate Retail Strategy

Position your products on retail shelves in a way that most resonates with consumers’ preferred combinations.

Deepen Relationships

Identify influencers and Key Opinion Leaders in your category and create lucrative partnerships; push your content through trending channels to reach wider audiences.

The New Marketing Toolbox

Bringing Real-Time Data to Content and Product Marketing

65% of consumers today actively seek functional benefits from their food and beverage.

Is your marketing strategy reflective of what consumers actually need and want?

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projected market volume of the food and beverage market by 2024


food and beverage industry revenue growth in 2020


of corporate executives use Big Data projects to build a competitive edge

Build Your Competitive Edge

Tastewise AI Gives you Unprecedented Access to the Insights You Need

The Tastewise solution for marketing generates critical, real-time insights tailored to the messaging needs of brands across food and beverage segments.

Trend Synthesis Database


Explore menu mentions and social conversations in both restaurants and at home to discover trending flavors and applications.

Ingredient Drill-Down


Sort products by trending ingredients in both restaurant and home to see fast-growing trends.

Pairing Insights


Get the inside scoop on what consumers pair with your product, and modify your content and retail strategies accordingly. 

Consumer Connection


Uncover the “why” behind the biggest trends driving the industry and create a long-term strategy that speaks directly to your consumers. 

Time Saver


With easy-to-use reportsthe Tastewise flavor solution is a one-stop-shop for understanding everything you need to know about food and beverage trends – quickly.

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