Data-Driven Hospitality Insights 

Make informed decisions regarding your next F&B development.

Minimize risk. Identify culinary gaps in the market.

Who Needs Tastewise Hospitality Insights?

Hotel Groups

  • Track customer tastes, diets and dining habits. 
  • Understand the culinary market gap of your location.

Ghost Kitchens

  • Create virtual menus in tune with customer demand 
  • Incorporate trending customer motivations into branding and marketing 

Food Halls

  • Provide a dining experience that matches shoppers’ tastes & diet
  • Understand what hungry shoppers are expecting to find in your food hall.

Airport F&B

  • Create F&B experiences uniquely suited to your airport traffic.
  • Meet your visitors’ tastes and dietary requirements.

The Next Era in Hospitality Planning

Marrying F&B Development with Real Time Data

Hospitality development today is heavily reliant on market surveys and syndicated research. This approach is limited in its ability to capture and understand local consumer insights and growing trends in real time.

Our in-depth hospitality reports combine the art of designing F&B experiences with the power of real-time social data: tracking upwards of 180K restaurants, 2M recipes and billions of social conversations and tapping directly into the consumer consciousness that drives hospitality.

“Diving far deeper than simply understanding consumer preferences, Tastewise’s insights help design menus to suit our guests’ tastes.”


Guy Heksch
Global VP of Marriott International’s Pure Grey


of new culinary ventures go out of business within just 3 years of their launch


of enterprise executives believe that data is critical for corporate survival


of corporate executives have initiated Big Data projects to seize a competitive edge

Location, Location, Location

Location-Based Benchmarked Insights

The Tastewise hospitality solution allows F&B developers (hotels, restaurant groups, airports, shopping malls and more…) to minimize risks and identify potential gaps in the market. Tastewise generates critical location-based real-time culinary insights, benchmarked against influential neighbors and national figures regarding:

Market Gaps

Which of the location’s popular cuisines are underrepresented and by how much?

Tastes & Diets

Which tastes and diets define your clientele?


What are the dining habits for your potential clientele? 


How potential customers like their food cooked, prepared and described

Tastewise uses the data collected to generate a Target Audience study with relevant F&B influencers, allowing you to incorporate data-driven marketing insights into your planning and identify the global F&B trends that are most suited to your development

Take a Leap Forward

With over 2.5B accessible data points relating to F&B insights, can you really afford to rely on a 500-person survey?

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