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Sustainability at Tastewise

We’re on a mission to guide alignment between consumer ethical demands and the organizations who are responsible for what’s on our plate.

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The future of food is here.

At Tastewise, we believe that shaping the future of food is crucial for the future of our planet. Our impact on the food industry is enormous and we’re just getting started. We are reshaping the food & beverage ecosystem by reflecting people’s food and drink consumption to the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

Tastewise for Nonprofits

Through our nonprofit partnership program, we support not-for-profit organizations with AI-driven insights into food & beverage, helping them achieve their goals and expand the positive impact they make in the world.

Why does big data impact sustainability?

Through data, we help the world’s most impactful organizations create products that consumers love and use - resulting in less retail waste. Placing people at the center of decision-making, we can all create a healthier, more sustainable industry.

Our Nonprofit Partners

The Good Food Institute

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international, science-based non-profit organization, focused on building a sustainable, healthy, and just food system. GFI Israel partners with scientific institutions, governmental organizations, and businesses to promote groundbreaking alternative protein research and innovation.


Vegan Friendly is a non-profit organization promoting veganism in Israel and in the UK. Our goal is to make the world much more Vegan Friendly! We are working to raise awareness for veganism and make the vegan lifestyle more accessible for everyone.

The Natural Step Israel

The Natural Step Israel (Public Benefit Company) acts to promote strategic sustainability in the Israeli society, using the lense of innovation and quality. Our mission is to catalyze and ensure a systemic change in order to create a sustainable society in Israel that thrives within its natural surroundings.


Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center in Tel Aviv dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel’s diverse and creative food culture, a joint venture of the New York City-based Jewish Food Society and Tel Aviv’s Start-Up Nation Central.

The future of food is here. Contact us to partner up!

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