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The Tastewise 2021 Trend Report

The Tastewise 2021 Trend Report

The Tastewise 2021 Trend Report explores the top 10 US food and beverage trends for 2021, backed by real-time data. Use this report to elevate your product development and marketing strategies in the new year.

Some of the questions this report explores:

  • What can we expect from sustainable food & bev in 2021?
  • What role will "food for mood" play on consumers' plates?
  • Will kits be able to translate into the new year?

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The Food for Function Report not only identifies which items are trending
...more importantly, it explains why

About Tastewise

Tastewise fuels innovation for the world’s leading food & beverage brands by predicting how consumers cook, order, and eat. No guesswork, no outdated reports.

Using proprietary AI, Tastewise holistically measures consumer relationships to food and beverage. Used by industry leaders, our insights - a fusion of social media, restaurant menus, and recipes - inform product development, marketing strategy, and sales execution.

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