Developer Challenge Rules

01.The Developer Challenge will start at 10:00 on March 1st, 2021 and will end at 23:59 on March 4th, 2021
02.Winners will be announced on March 7th
03.Participants can register in the Developer Challenge through the link: Participants will be issued a unique link for game play
04.Participants must be based in Israel
05.Participants must be over the age of 18
06.Participants will be required to repeat a sequence displayed by the Promoter. The Challenge will include various difficulty levels. At a certain point, a human being won’t be able to recall alone and will need to use code to solve the challenge and rank the highest.
07.Participants' ranking shall be displayed on the Challenge leaderboard and will be determined by both difficulty level progression and speed.
08.The winners of the Challenge shall be the top two participants positioned highest on the Challenge leaderboard at the end of the Challenge Period.
09.Each Participant may perform the Developer Challenge multiple times during the Challenge Period.
10The First place winner of the Developer Challenge will receive a [Microsoft Xbox Series X, 1TB NVME SSD]. The Second place winner will receive [Sony WH-1000XM3]. The prizes will be delivered within [sixty (60) days] from the Announcement Date, subject to receipt of delivery address from the Winners.
11In addition to the Developer Challenge, there will be two additional promotion challenges as follows: there will be two raffle prizes taking place - Friends Challenge, and Social Challenge.
12The "Friends Challenge" which will include a raffle between individuals referring Participants to the Developer Challenge, as stated by Participants in the registration to Developer Challenge process. The winner of the “Friends Challenge” raffle will be awarded [a breakfast spread]. Referrers will enter the raffle only once they have registered via, and the Developer Challenge participants stated them as the ‘Referrer’ in the registration form.
13The "Social Media Challenge" which will include a raffle between individuals (i) sharing Promoter's formal Developer Challenge promotion content on mainstream social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin); and (ii) following then tagging the Promoter's official business page on such social media platforms. The Challenge allows every person to share the Developer Challenge post on social media; personalization of content is allowed, as long as the main message is conveyed. The winner of the “Social Media Challenge” raffle will be awarded [a NIS300 gift card at Wolt].
14The "SoTerms and conditions of the game must be adhered to prior to entering the game.
15Any communications, or requests for information must be sent by e-mail to the following address: [].