How can restaurant signals help you close more deals?

What are the top signals you need to look out for when selling to foodservice? As we begin to enter a vaccinated world, CPGs, manufacturers, distributors and more need to understand what their foodservice partners are experiencing on a granular level. How can the changes that restaurants make be understood as "signals" for sale opportunities? How can sales teams use those signals to get in the right door at the right time?

Schedule a call to explore:

  • How you can identify which restaurants to sell to in a rapidly changing market
  • The signals that are available online that sales teams can incorporate into their strategies and outreach
  • How to keep your finger on the pulse of restaurant activity - all the way down to storefront level
  • How can you build relationships with ghost kitchens in 2021

We'll cover insights specific to your geographic area and use case on the call, so you can start using real-time signals in your pipeline today.

Learn how to use restaurant signals to prioritize your pipeline

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